Wilkinson Ranch Airport: A Unique Airstrip and Wedding Venue

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Wilkinson Ranch Airport in Yakima, Washington has been in the Wilkinson family since the early 1990s. It has a 2,050-foot-long runway made of asphalt, and a variety of rental accommodations. The airstrip’s name, “Landon Strip”, was inspired by Landon Wilkinson, who is now a pilot and flies his own Mooney M20E. The area is ideal for weddings as it’s located just 100 feet from a wedding venue. The family also offers short-term rentals, a converted barn and a shipping container, for visitors. Landon’s website, Hostshare, was created to solve the issue short-term rentals have with inflexible cancellation policies and accommodate traveling aviators.

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Introducing Wilkinson Ranch Airport, nestled in the heart of Yakima, Washington, this family-owned airstrip has been soaring above expectations since its establishment in the early 1990s.

Landon Wilkinson, the distinguished pilot, owns a Mooney M20E, often partaking in high-flying adventures with his nimble aircraft. Meanwhile, aviation enthusiasts alike can land at the 2,050-foot-long asphalt runway, where a plethora of rental accommodations await!

Not to mention, the Oakshire Estate & Airfield provides an idyllic location for weddings and special celebrations, with the airstrip only a stone’s throw away from the venue. The Wilkinson family has masterfully curated this picturesque setting where love and aviation unite.

Last but certainly not least, Wilkinson has brilliantly leveraged his expertise in aviation and accommodation to revolutionize the short-term rental industry, representing a shining beacon of innovation and savvy entrepreneurship.

Did you know? Wilkinson’s family airstrip showcases a panorama of soaring trees and dramatic landscapes that provide an unrivaled backdrop for unforgettable occasions. Furthermore, Wilkinson’s brainchild, Hostshare, is empowering fellow aviators to enjoy unparalleled flexibility in their leisure travel, further establishing Wilkinson as not just a pilot, but an industry leader.

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