Vistara Climbs Back To No. 2 Position For Market Share In India

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Vistara has seen an improvement in its market share in India’s domestic market, ranking second with a 9.8% share. The airline also topped the list for passenger load factor, surpassing SpiceJet. On the other hand, Akasa Air faced challenges in August with many pilot departures, resulting in flight cancellations and disruptions to operations. Overall, domestic air traffic in India increased in August, with Indian carriers flying over 100 million passengers in the first eight months of the year. Akasa Air is now seeking compensation from the pilots who left without notice.

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Vistara, the Indian airline, has seen improvement in its market share, ranking second in India’s domestic market with a 9.8% share. Additionally, Vistara surpassed SpiceJet to secure the top spot for passenger load factor. Meanwhile, Akasa Air faced challenges in August, as many of its pilots abruptly left the airline, resulting in disruptions to operations and flight cancellations.

Vistara’s market share saw positive growth in August, moving up to second place in India’s domestic market. The airline’s market share increased to 9.8% from 8.4% the previous month. IndiGo maintained its leading position with an impressive 63.3% market share. Notably, Vistara tied for second place with another Tata Group-owned airline, Air India, both having a market share of 9.8%. AirAsia India followed with a share of 7.1%, while SpiceJet and Akasa Air had shares of 4.4% and 4.2% respectively. In general, domestic air traffic in India experienced a 22.81% month-on-month increase and a 30.55% year-on-year increase in August. Indian carriers collectively flew over 100 million passengers in the first eight months of the year.

Vistara not only gained market share but also outperformed SpiceJet to become the leader in passenger load factor. SpiceJet usually excels in this area, but Vistara claimed the top spot in August with a load factor of 91.3%, the highest among all Indian airlines. SpiceJet closely followed with a load factor of 90.9%, an improvement from the previous month’s 88.9%. Akasa Air secured the third position with a load factor of 87.3%. Air India, IndiGo, and AirAsia India reported load factors of 84.5%, 83.6%, and 82.4%, respectively.

For Akasa Air, August was a tumultuous month due to the sudden departure of many pilots, resulting in operational difficulties and a high number of flight cancellations. As a result, Akasa dropped behind SpiceJet in the rankings. DGCA’s latest data revealed that Akasa had the highest cancellation rates among major Indian airlines, standing at 1.17%. The airline also faced numerous passenger complaints due to last-minute changes in travel plans caused by flight cancellations or delays. While the situation has improved, Akasa Air has decided to take legal action against more than 40 pilots who left the airline without serving the required six-month notice period. The airline is seeking compensation of more than 2.5 million in damages to cover the monetary and reputational losses incurred in August.

In conclusion, Vistara has made notable progress in market share and load factor rankings, while Akasa Air faced significant challenges due to pilot departures. These developments reflect the dynamic nature of the Indian aviation industry, with airlines constantly vying for a larger market share and striving to provide reliable travel experiences for passengers.

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