Vintage and Modern: The 1965 Piper PA-24-260 Comanche

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Aircraft For Sale features a unique or standout airplane every day on their website. Today’s top pick is a 1965 Piper PA-24-260 Comanche, which was introduced as a response to the Beechcraft Bonanza. The Comanche was a modern and attractive departure from Piper’s earlier models but was costly to manufacture. The model was eventually discontinued in favor of the more profitable PA-28 series. The 1965 PA-24-260 has a Garmin GTN 650 GPS, TKM MX300 Nav/Com, and is available for $129,900. Financing is available through FLYING Finance. For more information, email [email protected].

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Introducing Aircraft For Sale: Today’s Top Pick
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Today’s Top Pick:
The 1965 Piper PA-24-260 Comanche

A Remarkable Piece of Aviation History
When Piper launched its PA-24 in 1957, it was a game changer in the aviation market. The Comanche was created as a counterpoint to the Beechcraft Bonanza and quickly became Piper’s flagship model. This sleek, all-metal, four-seat retractable plane was a departure from Piper’s traditional rag-and-tube machines, capturing the essence of modern design.

Fun fact: The introduction of the PA-24 was a bold move by Piper, showing they were able to pivot from their traditional designs to create a modern and attractive aircraft.

Aircraft Manufacturing Excellence
While the PA-24 was hailed as a masterpiece in aircraft design, the intricate craftsmanship of this plane also made manufacturing more expensive. With its beautiful, tapered wing and numerous parts, the cost to produce the PA-24 was considerably higher than that of the newer, simpler PA-28 series.

Fun fact: The PA-24’s manufacturing cost was a challenge for Piper, but didn’t stop them from consistently improving the model over the years.

A Rare Gem from 1965
This 1965 PA-24-260 has withstood the test of time and is meticulously maintained, with upgrades like a Garmin GTN 650 GPS/Nav/Com/MFD and a Lycoming IO-540-D4A5 engine with zero hours since overhaul. Pilots in search of a chic, fast, four-seat airplane for their travel excursions with a vintage charm should put serious thought into purchasing this classic 1965 Piper PA-24-260. This beauty can be yours for just $129,900 on AircraftForSale.

Fun fact: The 1965 PA-24-260 offers a combination of vintage appeal and modern technology, making it a unique choice for aviation enthusiasts.

Secure Your Dream Plane
Experience the joy of flight by taking ownership of this classic aircraft. Financing is available through FLYING Finance. For more information, email [email protected].

Fun fact: Unlike modern commercial airlines, purchasing private aircraft often comes with specialized financing options tailored to individual needs.

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