UK Government Sets Ambitious SAF Targets as Cornerstone of Jet Zero Strategy

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The ‘Climate Clock’ in New York’s Union Square now shows that there are only five years left to limit global temperature rise to 1.5C, while Greece faces wildfires as temperatures reach 46.6C. However, the climate crisis shouldn’t stop tourism. The UK government has published the ‘Jet Zero Strategy: One Year On’ policy paper, which highlights the use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) to reduce emissions in the aviation sector. The government plans to launch the UK SAF Clearing House, secure global uptake of SAF, and publish a response to the SAF mandate consultation. Victor, a charter jet company, has seen success with SAF by offering customers the option to purchase Neste MY SAF™, resulting in a reduction of emissions. They urge commercial airlines to adopt similar models.

On the evening of July 22nd, the ‘Climate Clock’ in New York’s Union Square reached a crucial turning point. The countdown to limit global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius dropped from six years to five, highlighting the urgency of the climate crisis. Meanwhile, Greece battled devastating wildfires for the sixth consecutive day, with temperatures reaching a scorching 46.6 degrees Celsius. This serves as a stark reminder that the climate crisis is a present reality, affecting both urban centers and popular vacation destinations.

Although these events may instill a sense of hopelessness (“climate doomism”), it is important to focus on current events and work towards building efficacy among stakeholders to make a tangible difference. Contrary to popular belief, the climate crisis does not have to halt tourism. Rather, it is crucial to demonstrate that it is possible to travel in a climate-resilient manner.

The aviation sector, in particular, must play its part in fulfilling the UK’s commitment to achieving net zero emissions. The UK Government’s Department of Transport recently published the ‘Jet Zero Strategy: One Year On’ policy paper, offering a glimmer of encouragement. According to their High Ambition scenario, a significant portion of emission reductions in 2050 will come from Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF), fuel efficiency improvements, zero-carbon aircraft, and abatement measures.

To implement the use of SAF in the near future, the UK Government plans to launch the UK SAF Clearing House and announce winners of the Advanced Fuels Fund. They will also explore options for additional revenue certainty for the SAF industry, negotiate for global uptake targets at the ICAO 3rd Conference on Aviation Alternative Fuels, and publish their response to the SAF mandate consultation. Furthermore, Manchester Airport’s AeroZone will deliver ‘Jet Zero Education’ lessons to educate young people about the sustainable future of flying.

In the private jet charter sector, Victor has celebrated significant milestones and achievements in promoting SAF. Since launching their partnership with Neste, one in five Victor customers voluntarily purchased an average of £965 worth of Neste MY SAF™ for their bookings. This resulted in an average emission reduction of 1.5 tonnes per booking, with 30% of fossil fuels being replaced by SAF. These figures show that a significant number of flyers are willing to take responsibility for their carbon emissions when offered a credible SAF solution.

Encouraged by their success, Victor advocates for commercial airlines and airline ticket websites to adopt a similar model and offer SAF as an option during the booking process. If 1 in 5 scheduled airline passengers replaced 30% of fossil fuel with SAF, it could account for approximately 18 million tonnes of global jet fuel usage annually.

It is paramount that industries, individuals, and governments continue to prioritize sustainability and take actionable steps to combat the climate crisis. By working together and embracing innovative solutions like SAF, we can create a more sustainable future for aviation and mitigate the impacts of climate change. For more information on Victor’s initiatives and SAF, visit their dedicated webpage at [website] or contact one of their Account Managers at

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