Top Four Private Jets to Look out for in 2022: Priced Between $50-$100 Million

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This content highlights the top four private jets in 2022 that fall within the price range of $50-$100 million. These jets are known for their ability to carry more passengers and provide a luxurious travel and business experience. The jets mentioned include the Bombardier Global 7500, Gulfstream G700, Airbus ACJ220-100, and Boeing Business Jet 3 (BBJ3). The prices and costs to operate per hour are also provided for each jet. The content encourages viewers to subscribe to the channel for more videos on luxury aviation, with new videos being released 4-5 times a week.

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45 thoughts on “Top Four Private Jets to Look out for in 2022: Priced Between $50-$100 Million”

  1. I like the Bombardier...unbelievable range at over 9000 miles and an airspeed approaching the speed of sound. I read in testing it actually broke the sound barrier. And...I am Canadian. If I had the where withall that's the one I would buy proudly.

  2. For the third time, what is it going to take to get your robot-voiced commentator to pronounce "Bombardier" correctly? "BOMB A DEER" is simply incorrect and this pronunciation has not been used since World War II ended! I appreciate your interest in business aviation, but no thumbs up for you Luxium until Bombardier is pronounce correctly!!!

  3. I wish I had one of these private jets to be able to travel whenever and wherever I want! I don't have 50 million though. In the same way, the video is very good to be able to know by culture the jets so luxurious that there are and that they will soon be more expensive than possible

  4. I am really surprised with this review about these great jests, it is great to be able to appreciate these modern themes here, we appreciate that you have simplified them as much as possible so that we can all take advantage of them, thanks for sharing

  5. Excellent explanation to know a little more about this Top 4 Private Jets, Between $50-$100 Million, how good to be able to find a video that provides the results that is needed, I can see that you research the subject to present the essential details, that is very good , you dedicate yourself to the subject, good contribution β™₯

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