Top 5 Luxury Private Jets featuring Beds in 2023 | Priced between $60-$200 Million

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This video highlights the top 5 private jets with beds that will be available in 2023. These private jets offer comfort, privacy, and the ability to avoid long airport queues. The private jet bedrooms come in different sizes and shapes, with options ranging from small to extra-large jets. The list starts with the most expensive option, the Boeing 787 VIP Dreamliner priced at $189 million, followed by the Bombardier Global 7500 at $72 million, the Boeing Business Jet at $71 million, the Gulfstream G650ER at $66 million, and the Bombardier Global 6000 at $60 million. Viewers can choose the jet that suits them best based on their budgets.

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Traveling with a private jet is a luxurious experience on its own, but for those who want to take it to the next level, private jets with beds are a must. These private jet bedrooms come in various sizes and shapes, offering the utmost comfort and privacy for passengers. In this article, we will explore the top 5 private jets with beds, ranked from most expensive to least expensive, all falling between the price range of $60-$200 million.

1. Boeing 787 VIP Dreamliner ($189 million): The Boeing 787 VIP Dreamliner is the epitome of luxury, offering an interior space comparable to that of a house. This private jet can accommodate up to 40 passengers and features a spacious dining area with sofas that can be transformed into beds, providing comfortable sleeping spaces. The master bedroom includes a comfortable bed, walk-in shower, and separate commodes and sinks, ensuring a truly luxurious flight experience.

2. Bombardier Global 7500 ($72 million): Introduced in 2018, the Bombardier Global 7500 is the largest private jet in the world. Its cabin is known for its broadness, offering unmatched luxury and comfort. The main bedroom features a real double bed, and there is also a convertible duvan in the entertainment suite, allowing passengers to enjoy a movie or have a comfortable sleep. This private jet also boasts the largest galley, complete with a refrigerator, microwave, and espresso machine.

3. Boeing Business Jet ($71 million): The Boeing Business Jet is one of the largest private jets available on the market, providing a spacious cabin similar in size to that of an airliner. It offers various layouts, including dining areas, restrooms with showers, working spaces, and a master bedroom. Each seat can be reclined and turned into a bed, while the master bedroom features a double bed, private entertainment system, and bathroom. The jet also includes a large kitchen facility and crew space.

4. Gulfstream G650ER ($66 million): The Gulfstream G650ER offers four different seating arrangements, with the capacity to accommodate up to 14 passengers. Each of the seating options features at least three beds and a divan that can be pulled out to become a double bed. This private jet offers a comfortable ride for larger groups and is equipped with modern conveniences such as an entertainment system, power outlets, and a kitchen section with all necessary appliances.

5. Bombardier Global 6000 ($60 million): Part of Bombardier’s Global line, the Global 6000 showcases elegance and sophistication. With enough space to accommodate up to 14 passengers, this private jet offers a main cabin and a separate stateroom for a more intimate experience. All seats can be converted into beds, allowing for a total of seven sleeping travelers. The jet also includes a restroom and various technological comforts for a comfortable journey.

In conclusion, private jets with beds offer the ultimate in luxury and comfort for those who value privacy and relaxation during their flights. The top 5 private jets with beds, ranging from $60-$200 million, provide passengers with spacious bedrooms, luxurious amenities, and a truly unforgettable flight experience. Whether you choose to charter or purchase one of these private jets, they are the perfect choice for those seeking a cozy spot to relax while traveling.

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  1. new private jets like the B787-10 BBJ large cabin wide body business jet & AIRBUS ACJ350-1000 LR large cabin wide body business jet . . . not to mention worthy alternatives such as the modestly successful Embraer Lineage 1000 E2 large mid-size business jet & the Russian SUKHOI SBJ100 LR large business jet . . . the upcoming Dassault Falcon 10X large business jet is the one to have, hands down . . .

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