Top 10 Places To Visit In Burundi

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Top 10 Places To Visit In Burundi

1. Lake Tanganyika
Known as the second deepest lake in the world, Lake Tanganyika is a great place for swimming, snorkeling, and enjoying the beautiful scenery.

2. Rusizi National Park
This national park is home to a variety of wildlife, including hippos, crocodiles, and a wide variety of bird species.

3. Gitega National Museum
This museum showcases the history and culture of Burundi, including traditional crafts and artifacts.

4. Source of the Nile
The Source of the Nile is a popular tourist destination, offering boat trips and stunning views of the river.

5. Kibira National Park
This lush, tropical rainforest is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, making it a great destination for nature lovers.

6. Karera Waterfalls
These impressive waterfalls are a must-see attraction for anyone visiting Burundi, offering breathtaking views and a peaceful atmosphere.

7. Livingstone-Stanley Monument
This historic monument commemorates the meeting of two famous explorers, David Livingstone and Henry Morton Stanley, in Burundi.

8. Mount Heha
As the highest mountain in Burundi, Mount Heha offers stunning panoramic views and a challenging hike for outdoor enthusiasts.

9. Saga Beach
Located on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, Saga Beach is the perfect place to relax and unwind, with its golden sands and crystal clear waters.

10. Kigwena Nature Reserve
This reserve is home to a variety of wildlife, including elephants, baboons, and buffalo, making it a great spot for safari and wildlife enthusiasts.


Burundi may be a small country, but it is filled with natural beauty, rich history, and diverse culture. From its scenic lakes and waterfalls to its national parks and wildlife reserves, there is no shortage of incredible places to visit in this East African nation.


Q: Is Burundi safe for tourists?
A: While Burundi has had some political instability in the past, it is generally safe for tourists, especially in tourist areas and with proper precautions.

Q: What is the best time to visit Burundi?
A: The best time to visit Burundi is during the dry season, which runs from June to September, when the weather is pleasant and the wildlife is more active.

Q: Do I need a visa to visit Burundi?
A: Yes, visitors to Burundi typically need a visa, which can often be obtained upon arrival at the airport or border, but it is best to check the latest requirements before traveling.

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