This Aero Commander 112TC Is a Rare, Eye-Catching ‘Aircraft For Sale’ Top Pick

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Aircraft For Sale picks a unique airplane each day, and today’s top pick is a 1976 Aero Commander 112TC. The Commander singles are rare and attract attention on the ramp. This specific aircraft has low hours on its airframe and Lycoming TO-360 engine. The panel includes dual Garmin G5 instruments, GNS430W GPS, GTX 330ES transponder with ADS-B In and Out, and Flight Stream 210 Bluetooth data link. It was repainted in 2015 and has its original leather interior. The Aero Commander 112TC is available for $170,000 on AircraftForSale and financing can be arranged through FLYING Finance.

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Every day, the team at Aircraft For Sale selects an airplane that stands out due to its uniqueness, value, or other interesting qualities. You can find their daily top pick on

Today’s top pick is a 1976 Aero Commander 112TC.

When people hear that you fly a Commander or Aero Commander, they often assume you’re referring to one of the company’s more well-known twin-engine planes, like the one flown by aviation legend Bob Hoover in airshows. As someone who flies a Commander myself, I’ve spent a lot of time explaining to FBO operators and air traffic controllers the specific aircraft I’m referring to.

Although my 114B shares the same airframe as the 112TC for sale here, mine has a naturally aspirated engine while the TC model is turbocharged. Nonetheless, Commander singles are rare birds that attract attention and spark conversations on the ramp.

This particular Commander 112TC has accumulated 2,881 hours on the airframe and 1,260 hours on its Lycoming TO-360 engine. The panel features dual Garmin G5 instruments, GNS430W GPS, GTX 330ES transponder with ADS-B In and Out, and a Flight Stream 210 Bluetooth data link. The aircraft was repainted in 2015 and still sports its original leather interior.

Pilots in search of a practical, stylish, four-seat travel machine should consider this Aero Commander 112TC, which is currently available for $170,000 on AircraftForSale.

Financing for this aircraft can be arranged through FLYING Finance. For more information, email [email protected].


The team at Aircraft For Sale is dedicated to highlighting interesting and noteworthy airplanes each day. This not only serves to inform and entertain aviation enthusiasts, but it also helps potential buyers discover unique aircraft that may be worth considering. Today’s top pick, the 1976 Aero Commander 112TC, stands out for its aesthetic appeal and rarity as a single-engine Commander.

It’s intriguing to learn that Commander planes, especially the Aero Commander series, often lead to misconceptions due to their similarity to the company’s more famous twin-engine models. This provides insight into the experiences of pilots who fly these lesser-known aircraft and the conversations they must have to clarify their specific type of Commander.

The provided details about the 112TC’s airframe and Lycoming TO-360 engine hours give potential buyers valuable information about the aircraft’s usage. The mention of the panel’s advanced instrumentation, GPS system, transponder, and Bluetooth data link showcases the technological capabilities of this specific Commander. It’s worth noting that the aircraft underwent repainting in 2015, maintaining its original leather interior, which adds to its overall appeal.

The suggestion for pilots in search of a practical and stylish four-seat travel machine to consider the Aero Commander 112TC emphasizes the aircraft’s suitability for both functionality and aesthetics. Furthermore, the offer of financing through FLYING Finance presents a convenient option for potential buyers.

Overall, this content effectively presents the unique qualities of the Aero Commander 112TC, its appeal to aviation enthusiasts, and its potential as a desirable purchase for pilots seeking a reliable and visually appealing aircraft.

Fun fact: Aero Commander aircraft gained recognition in popular culture when they were featured in the 1978 movie “Firefox,” directed by and starring Clint Eastwood. The film showcased the fictional advanced technology of the titular aircraft, further enhancing the Commander’s reputation among aviation enthusiasts.

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