The Most Costly Educational Institution Globally

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This video looks at the top 10 most expensive colleges and universities in the world. The narrator mentions that these institutions are known for their prestigious and high-quality education, but also for their exorbitant tuition fees. The list includes universities such as Deep Springs College, MIT, and Columbia University, with annual tuition fees ranging from $50,000 to $60,000. The narrator highlights factors such as location, facilities, faculty, and reputation that contribute to the high costs. Overall, it emphasizes the immense financial investment required to attend these elite institutions.

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The Most Expensive College In The World: A Closer Look

Ah, University, the first time you’re able to truly spread your wings, stand on your own two feet, play as many drinking games as you want, and, well, get an education. Unfortunately, all these experiences come with a pretty hefty price tag, at least if you’re living in the United States. But how much can an education really cost you? I’m Mister Luxury, and I’m gonna take a look at the 10 most expensive universities in the world and see exactly what you get for your money.

Number 10: Sarah Lawrence College

Ranking in at number 10, we have Sarah Lawrence College, totaling at a whopping $71,270 per year for tuition, room, and board. It’s safe to say that even at its ranked as our least expensive, this college is still pricey. Located in Yonkers, New York, this liberal arts college offers bachelor’s and associate’s degrees on a stunning campus. With its primary focus on progressive education, this college likes to keep things on the small side with only 1,300 students. The small class size comes at an advantage – students at Sarah Lawrence have more one-on-one time with faculty than any other university in America.

Fun Fact 1: Sarah Lawrence College offers all-gender housing in its dorms and apartments on campus, distinguishing it from most other colleges.

Number 9: Southern Methodist University

At $71,338 per year, Southern Methodist University is just a tad more expensive than Sarah Lawrence. Located in Dallas, the campus just goes to prove that things really are bigger in Texas. Made up of 131 buildings spread across 234 acres, it’s often ranked as one of the most beautiful colleges in America. But what exactly does one do with all this space? Mostly tailgating! Southern Methodist University is one of the top party schools in the country, with a fierce love of sports and their beloved team, the Mustangs.

Fun Fact 2: Despite its name, Southern Methodist University is no longer affiliated with any specific religion, making it a welcoming place for all to drop approximately $285,000 for a four-year degree.

Number 8: Oberlin College

Oberlin College takes us north to Oberlin, Ohio, with a hefty price tag of $71,392 per year. The earliest-founded co-educational college on our list, this historic college was founded in 1833. Its massive 440-acre, tree-lined liberal arts campus is certainly something to marvel at. Oberlin has made its mark as a university that’s all about art and entertainment, with an art museum on campus, a coffee shop with a stage for spoken word, and even a bowling alley.

Fun Fact 3: Oberlin College has a strong focus on sports, offering activities such as horse riding, yoga, and polo, giving students plenty of options to distract them from the cost of their tuition.

These are just the first three colleges on our list of the most expensive universities in the world. Stay tuned for part two, where we delve into the remaining seven institutions. Trust me, the surprises just keep coming!

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20 thoughts on “The Most Costly Educational Institution Globally”

  1. Yes Mudd is expensive but surveys show Mudd grads earn the most. I paid for two Mudders without the benefit of needs based aid. I don't regret a single dollar. Tiny campus, few majors, little sports (nothing resembling a stadium). What you get for your money is that because everyone is smart and well prepared classes start at a high level and move fast. Update 2023 to 2024 cost per year stated by the college is $89,000.

  2. I don’t know who’s really hear this but if you really want to generate wealth, start small and with the little that you have, and invest it into stocks bitcoin and other crypto currencies I’m a living testimony from this.

  3. And here I am, majoring in mathematics on a $100 per year university in Mexico, in a department that gives scholarships to all its students of $180 per month to cover rent and other basic expenditures, so maintaining grades pretty much means you are paid for studying, rather than paying for studying.

  4. Yes, $290,000 to attend USC, and that's after spending nearly twice that much in bribes to get in. And I'd have been happy to attend a State university. I didn't have enough money for tuition, room/board, fees, laundry, and other expenses, much less a half-million-dollar bribe.

  5. America's schooling, like everything outside the civilised continent, is execrable. The Institut Le Rosey is the world's best school. The Sorbonne is the world's best university. F. Scott Fitzgerald deemed Princeton a country club. America's students are entertained, not schooled. America's students are not taught to think independently in the quest for the truth. They're coercively indoctrinated.

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