Take a Complete Tour of the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel in London

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This video provides a full tour of the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel in London’s King’s Cross neighborhood. The narrator encourages viewers to read their review of the hotel on their travel blog and follow them on various social media platforms. Their YouTube channel has over 300,000 followers and they upload one new travel video each week. The narrator mentions that they have a playlist of luxury hotel clips and reviews, featuring hotels such as Soneva, Aman, Four Seasons, and more.

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Title: St Pancras Renaissance Hotel (London): A Full Tour of Victorian Elegance

Nestled in the heart of London, the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel stands as a majestic testament to Victorian architecture and luxury. Originally built in 1873, this historic hotel has been meticulously restored to its former glory, combining modern comforts with timeless elegance. Offering a full tour of this iconic London landmark, visitors are transported to an era of grandeur and opulence, making it the perfect destination for both history enthusiasts and luxury-seeking travelers.

1. The Grand Entrance: A Glimpse into the Past
As visitors approach the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, the grand entrance immediately leaves a lasting impression. With its ornate Gothic Revival façade, complete with gargoyles and intricate detailing, the hotel captures the essence of Victorian aesthetics. Stepping through the entrance doors, guests are greeted by a breathtaking lobby adorned with towering pillars, stunning stained glass windows, and a stunning grand staircase — reminiscent of a bygone era.

2. Victorian Room Design: Blending Tradition with Modernity
Each guest room in St Pancras Renaissance Hotel boasts a unique blend of Victorian charm and contemporary comfort. The hotel’s historical nature is showcased through high ceilings, original Victorian cornices, and elegant chandeliers. However, no compromise is made when it comes to modern, luxury amenities. Visitors can relish in the cozy ambiance while enjoying state-of-the-art facilities, including lavish marble bathrooms and plush bedding. The fusion of old-world charm and contemporary convenience ensures a luxurious and memorable stay.

3. The Booking Office Bar and Restaurant: A Hidden Gem
Formerly serving as the ticket hall for the adjoining St Pancras train station, The Booking Office Bar and Restaurant is a delightful hidden gem within the hotel. Retaining much of its original Victorian architectural features, such as the high vaulted ceiling and grandiose pillars, this vibrant eatery offers a unique experience for guests. Visitors can unwind in plush velvet armchairs, savoring delectable British cuisine and creative cocktails. The Booking Office is also known for its extensive selection of gins, making it a popular destination for gin enthusiasts.

Fun Facts:
1. The rooftop of the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel boasts the iconic St Pancras Clock Tower, the tallest in Europe. This prominent feature is a historical landmark and offers breathtaking views of London’s skyline.

2. The hotel’s Victorian-style façade has been featured in multiple films and television shows, including Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Batman Begins, and the Spice Girls’ “Wannabe” music video.

3. The St Pancras Renaissance Hotel has a rich musical history, having hosted various musicians and bands. The Beatles performed their final live concert on the hotel’s rooftop in 1969, marking the end of their illustrious career.

The St Pancras Renaissance Hotel serves as a striking example of Victorian architecture, capturing the essence of a bygone era while providing all the modern comforts of a luxury hotel. Its grand entrance, Victorian-inspired room design, and hidden gem, The Booking Office Bar and Restaurant, offer visitors an enchanting experience. With its unique historical features and a rich tapestry of stories, this iconic hotel continues to charm guests from all corners of the globe, ensuring an unforgettable stay.

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45 thoughts on “Take a Complete Tour of the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel in London”

  1. Nicely filmed thanks. Unless you stay in the original hotel part, I don’t see the point. That new bit down the side street looking onto the endless red bricks of the British Library, what a rip-off. Worth remembering the old bit is in significant part given over to private accommodation.
    ps you’re out of date with the it’s always raining in London schtick - quite the reverse these days.
    I think I’ll stick to a stroll through the station to get my £12 off peak return on the old Midland Railway to Bedford

  2. Whilst this is my favourite building in the capital, I was dissappointed when staying here in January 2019. The cost of the room for the evening was beyond expensive and in all fairness no better than something I would have received at a Premier Inn for a fraction of the price. While the food in the restaurant (both breakfast & evening meal) was nice, this didn't reflect good value for money either.

  3. You say 360 Euros per night isn't good value, but you're staying at the heart of London travel. The Euston Travellodge is pretty expensive, disgusting inside, but directly outside Euston station. That's just London, unfortunately.

  4. When it was built in 1869 the aim was to entice the burgeoning wealthy American travelers to stay. The hotel had a fatal design flaw which immediately put the hotel on a trajectory downwards. It didn't have ensuite bathrooms and so an army of hotel lads would have to shuttle coal and hot water across hallways to connecting bathrooms. I visited the hotel in the 90s before it was restored and marveled at the early central heating. ( with mad bulbous radiators ) and the staircase, but was horrified by the philistinism of tenants British rail who put in lowered ceilings, drilling , smashing into original mouldings and painting over Minton tiles and elegant handmade wallpapers.

  5. I spent 6 hours exploring this magnificent structure and hogged my own bar table for 2 hours (glad I did!) I spent nothing except for a long sipping glass of wine. Highlight of my London adventure. It is a treasure.

  6. I used to walk passed it in the 70s-80s and shake my head at how it could be left to rot. What a wonderful job they have done (and the work done on King's Cross). I've not been to London since 2005 when I saw the station almost finished and I'd love to see the hotel with my own eyes soon.

  7. As a former waiter at this place i wouldn't recommend to anyone, the quality of the products serve are very cheap but you are charge top money, i remember serving Escargot from Tin Cans, the standards of the food are very poor.

    There are rodents at the Restaurant areas, during night service you would be able to see few running around the corners or quiet spaces at the Restaurant but at the end of service you wouldn't be able to keep count.

    At the bar is the same, using left over of champagne to do syrups for cocktails or merging left over from a bottles to other bottles to have a full one .

    If you ever visit this place do not pay the service charge , ask to be remove and give it in cash to your server, the company miss guide the good will of costumers, using the service charge to pay people that ain't at the floor as the finance department take a good cut of the service charge.

  8. This hotel looks AMAZING. I think for me, it is really all about the public areas, the lobby, the restaurants, the bars, instead of the rooms. I will definitely plan Afternoon Tea here, and possible dinner, on my next trip,to London.

  9. Nice video. We (my much better half and I) have stayed at the Saint Pancras twice now, both times booked into a Junior Suite. Unfortunately, both times we have been there we were so jet-lagged (arriving mid-day from Canada's west coast) that we were too tired to fully appreciate the splendor of the hotel.

    The second time we went, we were upgraded to the Gilbert Scott Suite and that was a real treat. It was huge, ornate and simply breath taking. The dining room/sitting area was huge, complete with a dining table for ten. Too bad we couldn't find eight people to join us for dinner on short notice!

    Booking into a Chambers Suite is wonderful... lounge access for afternoon snacks and breakfast and let's not forget the ducks.

    When we arrived in our suite, there was a rubber duck waiting for us on the side of the bath. Decorated in patterns resembling the wall papers of the hotel, you are invited to take the duck with you, photograph it on your travels and publish those photos.


    We are planning on going back in June of 2021... but this next time, we plan on staying at the end of our trip to the UK so we won't be quite so tired.

  10. Those of us who remember Kings Cross & St Pancras in the 70's will remember dirty squalid train stations and neighbourhood. So to see the upturn in its fortune's is welcome. However, the price being charged for an average room in this hotel is ludicrous - it is charging based upon a quality and reputation it doesn't have or earned. Just because the façade is grand and it's in London doesn't justify that room cost.

  11. We stayed here in 2018 in one of the rooms in the historic wing. I thought it was beautiful - the service was great too! If you do return stay in the historic section and that gives access to the private club where we ate twice per day. There is also a historic tour that is free and gives you access to more of the hotel and the history.

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  13. I think it’s a real shame when historical beautiful buildings are renovated into modern decor. Its like performing a facelift on an old person, it looks odd and very out of place. Keep the decor matching the architecture. I have seen so many beautiful hotels jump on the modern furniture/decor and it’s horrific. Historical Hotels should be kept grand looking and restored to their original look but only fresher. I would never stay at this hotel as it’s a hot mess.

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