Spectacular Hike to Tiger’s Nest & Sightseeing: Discover Bhutan, the Himalayan Kingdom

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This video invites viewers to join the host on a hike to Bhutan’s famous Tiger’s Nest, along with sightseeing in Paro Valley, a visit to the capital city Thimphu, and a trip to Punakha Dzong. The content is part of a Youtube channel with over 750,000 followers, where the host shares travel videos every week. The video encourages viewers to follow the host on their social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.

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35 thoughts on “Spectacular Hike to Tiger’s Nest & Sightseeing: Discover Bhutan, the Himalayan Kingdom”

  1. What stunning scenery, Bhutan is an amazing place......I’ve just added it to my itinerary for my next visit to India - whenever that might be given the current pandemic. Your channel definitely has the best videos both in quality and material - keep it up!!!

  2. Bhutan has displaced more than 200, 000 their own people of Nepalese descendants at gun point. Elderly, sick, disabled, pregnant women, children runway at night to their safety. They watched their home burnt, they weeped as they left their very sick loved ones, pets and their animals behind. Their loved ones died in prison just because of xenophobia.
    Bhutan has inflicted pains and suffering that will last for generations to come. Still these disabled people long to go back home but it is impossible. Now they are displaced around the world, some couldn’t cope and have committed suicides. Most are leaving with trauma.

  3. The entire country should be a UNESCO Heritage site. These sites shown were magnificently built when Europe and America were in the midst of the slave trade. The monastery built into the cliff of a mountain had to be supported by the Divine Cosmic Beings of Light. I love the colors of this country. When beautiful art is created by hand such as the tapestries/ rugs/ carpets there is no need to say “expensive” because they are truly worth whatever they ask.

  4. The best nostalgia of Bhutan is tiger nest hike ... been twice to tiger nest , once alone and second time wd my partner , the hike is so interesting , the steepness and walking among clouds the chilled air , then the ever strenuous stairs ,,,, but in the end the spectacular tiger nest ........ thanks for making me remember the hike again ... beautiful video .... paro dzong is also very nice ... Bhutan taught how to be disciplined how to be happy always .... Bhutan is reaLly the land of peace and happiness ... it’s really great to see u visit there .... next time when u visit Bhutan try to be in Haa , bumthang and Trongsa . Winter in Bhutan is just another thing , it’s just wow.

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