S7 Airlines Faces Multiple Engine Failures Over Three Days

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Russian carrier S7 Airlines has had multiple engine failures over the course of three days, causing several aborted takeoffs and disruptions for hundreds of passengers. The affected aircraft include both Airbus and Boeing planes. The most recent incident involved a Boeing 737-800, which experienced a surge in the left engine during takeoff. The plane returned to the terminal and passengers were rebooked on a later flight. Similar incidents occurred with an Airbus A320 and two other Boeing 737-800s. It is suspected that Russian airlines are facing increased issues with western-built aircraft and engines due to international sanctions preventing the acquisition of spare parts.

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Is S7 Airlines in trouble?

Sensational news from Russia’s skies! The recent engine troubles plaguing S7 Airlines have caused chaos for hundreds of passengers. From aborted takeoffs to emergency landings, the airline’s reputation seems to be going up in smoke.

But what’s causing all these issues? According to industry experts, western-built aircraft, particularly the engines, are becoming a headache for Russian airlines. With international sanctions hitting hard, spare parts are in short supply, and it seems like S7 Airlines is feeling the heat.

Since the 2014 conflict in Ukraine, several countries have imposed sanctions on Russia, impacting the aviation industry and leaving passengers stranded. Could this be the end of smooth flights for S7 Airlines? Stay tuned for more news from the skies.

Fun Fact: S7 Airlines, also known as Siberia Airlines, is the largest domestic airline in Russia. It was founded as a charter airline called Siberian Light Aviation in 1957.
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