Review of the First Flight of the Pilatus PC-12 NGX, a Brand New Aircraft

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This video showcases an IFR flight from Zurich to Geneva using the new Pilatus PC-12 NGX aircraft from Haute Aviation. The video features an exclusive interview with Alex, the co-founder, CEO, and one of the pilots of the company. Alex highlights the differences between the PC-12 NG and PC-12 NGX. Additionally, Akash provides a review of the interior of the PC-12 NGX, discussing cabin and seat features, including the lie-flat position. The video includes footage of the challenging IFR approach into fog in Geneva. The creators of the video, two private pilots from Switzerland, explore aviation topics for fun and capture their journeys with various interesting people and aircraft.

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First Flight Review: Brand New Pilatus PC-12 NGX

Welcome to Zurich Airport! Today, we are thrilled to be at the Business Aviation Center, where we have the opportunity to fly the brand-new PC-12 NGX. This state-of-the-art aircraft is making waves in the aviation industry, and we are excited to share our experience with you.

The PC-12 NGX is the latest addition to the Pilatus family, and it boasts several notable improvements. The new FADEC system enhances performance and makes it easier for pilots to manage the aircraft. Additionally, the larger windows and enhanced lighting system provide a more comfortable experience for passengers in the cabin.

One of the standout features of the PC-12 NGX is its forgiving nature. Although landing this aircraft may not always be smooth, it is known for its forgiving flight characteristics. Pilots liken it to flying a big Cessna 172, making it an ideal choice for our home base in Gstaad, Switzerland. With a low approach speed, it allows us to meet the minimum performance requirements even on wet runways.

Another highlight is the spacious cargo door, which offers great versatility. By removing seats or utilizing the cargo net, we can accommodate various types of cargo. This flexibility is a valuable asset for our operations.

Haute Aviation, the name we have chosen for our company, symbolizes our commitment to excellence and being the best in the market. We strive to provide a boutique-like experience for our charter clients, combining exceptional service with a family-like atmosphere. With a fleet that includes the PC-12 NGX, the Global Express, and the Phenom 300, we offer a range of options to suit our clients’ needs.

As a startup, Haute Aviation has had a fantastic year. We have exceeded our expectations, flying a remarkable 550 hours a year with the PC-12 NGX, 80 hours a month with the Phenom 300, and 100 to 150 hours a month with the Global Express. Our team, which started with just three people, has grown to 15, including pilots, flight attendants, and sales and charter personnel.

For our unique operation, we prioritize hiring aviators rather than just pilots. This distinction is vital due to the challenging nature of our flights. We often navigate between VFR and IFR conditions, requiring a high level of skill and adaptability. We believe that aviators who possess a passion for flying are better suited for our operations.

One of our personal highlights in aviation includes flying the Global Express into Bhutan, specifically Paro. The breathtaking scenery and the uniqueness of landing in such a challenging location make it an unforgettable experience. Similarly, operating the Global Express out of St. Stephan, a military airport in Switzerland, offers its own set of thrills. The combination of a large aircraft and the surrounding mountains creates a surreal experience.

We take pride in being the first commercial operator of a PC-12 in Switzerland. The decision to pursue a fully commercial model was driven by the changes in European regulations that allowed for single-engine turbine IFR operations. We wanted to take advantage of this opportunity and provide our clients with the highest level of safety and service.

Haute Aviation may be a startup, but we have already made a significant impact in the industry. With our dedication to excellence, experienced team, and exceptional fleet of aircraft, we look forward to continuing our success and providing unparalleled charter services.

Fun facts related to this article:

1. The PC-12 NGX features a forgiving flight characteristics, making it easier for pilots to handle.
2. Haute Aviation is a boutique-like company that aims to provide a family-like experience for charter clients.
3. Haute Aviation is the first commercial operator in Switzerland to fly the PC-12.

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24 thoughts on “Review of the First Flight of the Pilatus PC-12 NGX, a Brand New Aircraft”

  1. I was just in Switzerland and drove from Montreux to Gstaad and then back to Montreux via a different route. After walking around the town and experiencing the long drive (3 hours from Zurich), I can see why they are successful. This drive would be much longer in the winter, but the flight time the same. Looking for more videos of the company.

  2. The PC12 is genius engineering. All airplanes are a compromise of factors - size, weight, speed, range, payload, creature comforts, cost, etc, etc, etc..... This bird balances those so perfectly. It feels like no compromises at all.

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