Review of Hotel Grande Bretagne: A Luxurious Experience in Athens, Greece

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The content is a brief promotion of a YouTube channel where the person shares their luxury travel experiences and reviews. They mention a specific hotel, Grande Bretagne, and highlight the opportunity to receive VIP perks when booking through Virtuoso. The content also provides links to the person’s website/blog, as well as their social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr. They also mention a playlist on their channel titled “trip reports: luxury hotels” where they review various luxury hotel brands.

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44 thoughts on “Review of Hotel Grande Bretagne: A Luxurious Experience in Athens, Greece”

  1. I’ve stayed here at hotel grand Bretagne three times, twice in the Summer and once in the winter. I have to say, It should be the benchmark for Sheraton hotels that are in the the Luxury hotel Collection . Right next door to the hotel is hotel King George (Correct the name) and it is also very nice however not as good (I stayed there once). Hotel grand Bretagne is covered head to toe in Marble and antiques, well fitted to the surrounding Greek landscape and design. The rooms are very luxury and after doing some research I recall that my room itself contained more than 30,000 dollars in antiques. The hotel is well built and a great investment by Sheraton.

    The food on the terrace restaurant is AMAZING. Please get the included breakfast package! Their breakfast buffet was probably one of the best I’ve ever had. The scenery from the restaurant is amazing, you can see all of the sites of Athens including a perfect full view of the Parthenon. On Sunday we witnessed a big festival (I think the Greek national army band) march through the streets and play music from our lunch table. You can also see the changing of the guards.

    In wintertime the lobby was fantastically decorated and there was a HUGE Christmas tree and wood burning fire. Btw, Of all of the times I stayed here I never knew there was a pool. I remember asking a staffmember and he said there were none en site but there was an outdoor and indoor one in the neighboring King George hotel which I didn’t utilize. Which pool were you filming? It may be a newer addition?

    Thanks so much for sharing, I really enjoy the quality content 🙂

  2. Choosing a room tips:
    Don't agree to pay for an upgrade until you've viewed both your original room, and the upgraded room option. Sometimes the original room has better features (location) or is actually bigger than the upgrade.  
    In my experiences, the upgrades have been hit or miss. 'Deluxe' rooms are scattered through-out the hotel and I haven't been able to figure out how they decide a room is 'deluxe' as there didn't seem to be any set standard.
    If you can do it, get a suite as the rooms are quite small even by European standards and the bathrooms with half shower/half baths are even smaller.
    Also, some of rooms have terrible views, so if you really want a view or a balcony, be careful when you book through their website. For example, an acropolis room does not mean an acropolis view. Hope this helps and doesn't come across as cranky... 🙂

  3. GB Roof Garden and Hotel Grand Bretagne was the first hotel I worked in. This place made me love my job and to become an Expert of original luxury greek hospitality. Thank you so much for showing my country and also for ispiring other people to be able sometime to taste our authentic culture. You are amazing!

  4. Another great video. Since I have relatives in Athens I probably will never stay there and risk offending the entire clan. (It's a Greek thing.) I'm curious, Athens is so loud with all the hustle and bustle. What was the street noise like in the room, the pool and the restaurant?

  5. Anytime I try opening your website I'm told: Can’t connect securely to this page
    This might be because the site uses outdated or unsafe TLS security settings. If this keeps happening, try contacting the website’s owner. Please do well to rectify that.

  6. Very nice!! We stayed at the king george next door only for one night. I wanted to stay at bretagne originally because I like the “grand dame” vibe but ended up choosing the king george solely because it had hard wood floors and my parents are afraid of hotel carpet in rooms. lol. Do you have anything from mykonos or the other islands coming as well? can’t wait for amanzoe

  7. Beautiful hotel and cozy room with balcony. I like the welcome treat of liquor and chocolates instead of the usual healthy fruit--lol. I see the red suitcase made it to Athens (and I hope Amanzoe) before its untimely demise 🙁 What a classic view from the 8th floor rooftop!

  8. The hotel itself is truly superb; elegance without frippery, VERY tasteful furniture and art.
    But the Acropolis!!! I have a Classical Studies BA mouldering away somewhere. So I look at the Parthenon and the other remains, holy shrines to Greece's past, and I think,"What's UNDER all of that?!!?!?!" Yup, don't ever let me walk around unchaperoned up there. I can't be trusted to control my natural proclivities!!!

  9. Oh Boy!! Greece ...this is my DREAM vacation all things greek...the main floor looks really plush and elegant. Not sure how big those beds are, but not a fan of twin/double beds..i like a KING size bed to sprawl all over in...hehehe..the room colours are very warm and easy on the that...the marble bathrooms are sweet. Outdoor pool area & bar very nicely set up. Spa/Wellness are & Gym look impressive. The roof top restaurant i could just stay there all night into morning looking at the gorgeous.. awesome video..will put this on in my favourites...thanks

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