Review and Impressions of Kempinski San Clemente Palace Venice in Italy

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This content is a brief introduction to a reviewer’s video clip about a hotel. The reviewer mentions that viewers can get VIP perks at the hotel when booking through Virtuoso. They also mention their Youtube channel where they upload luxury travel videos and have over 300,000 followers. The review was filmed in 2015 when the hotel was managed by St Regis, but it has since been taken over by Kempinski Hotels. The reviewer also mentions their playlist of luxury hotel clips and encourages readers to follow their blog and social media accounts for more luxury travel content. The video clip features music by Chris Zabriskie.

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25 thoughts on “Review and Impressions of Kempinski San Clemente Palace Venice in Italy”

  1. I would suggest it is one of the best in Venice , its position does not give you the hustle and bustle of tbe Grand Canal , but that is also its bonus you can enjoy Venice and then retreat , teurning at night to the City when the hoardes have mostly gone and enjoy .
    One of the few places in Venice with a decent size pool , the building itself is interesting along with the grounds where you can find peace an quiet , for me an exapnsion of the catering would help .
    If you can go then do so , ultimately if you can pay for a Canal side view its excellent .

  2. I love sitting in beautiful chapels and cathedrals when there is no mass, it’s just the Divine Creator, the Archangels, Angels and ME communicating. During the hot summer months with their marble floors, these sanctuaries are the perfect place to rest and cool off.

  3. Follow up , its ok I just read your review and answered my own questions its a St Regis offering , it sounds from TA that the offering all round is reduced and I read a recent German comment who they charged 400 euros for a Tbone steak that despite sending it back twice they failed to cook as requested . 18 Euros for two coffees whilst the guests waited because their rooms were not ready . 6 euros for a packet of crisps , poolside bar one fish dish , one small steak and water 100 euros.

  4. Thank you for a useful video , can you tell me if this was filmed after the hotel was sold to Kenpimski and refurbished as the entrance shot shows St Regis branding on the floor of the doorway ?I was interested to know if the breakfast offering was the St Regis offering or the new owners , someone on trip advisor recently noted there was nothing complimentary but for example in the buffet shots they are clearly offering Prosecco at breakfast , which is what one would expect for this sort of hotel .

  5. my comment  is ,  as a"" born venetian,   St. Clement was psychiatric Institution with a horrible  treatment of patients,  not one was allowed out    of this  Psychiatric Hospital   until  they died.  A very   horrible story

  6. Most valuable channel I've found on YouTube. Thank you, and please don't listen to the plebes who say, play Vivaldi. Your choice of tranquil sounds adds a lot to the vids. Vivaldi is played on every street corner of Venice because of the pre-packaged tastes of tourists, who generally don't know any better.

  7. This may be not the best hotel in Venice but it looks more spacious than most of the luxury hotels in the heart of the city. It's also removed from the crowds of cruise ship tourists which can be quite irritating.

  8. While I really enjoy your videos and I realize my comment will probably fall on deaf ears (no pun intended) you guys really need to find someone that can add a better music soundtrack to your videos! As another poster pointed out, the music of the 18th century Venetian composer Antonio Vivaldi would have been most appropriate and much more fitting for the visuals. It's almost like you guys search for the most monotonous music you can find!

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