Review and Impressions: Exploring the Iconic Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Bangkok

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Inside Bangkok’s most iconic hotel: MANDARIN ORIENTAL (impressions & review)

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43 thoughts on “Review and Impressions: Exploring the Iconic Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Bangkok”

  1. If I were the management of the hotel. I will change the big building exterior to the style that goes well with the original building. I will keep the room in original style of decorations only those that are under the original building. For the big building, I will change the interior and furniture to be more up to date if needed.

    Then this hotel will not only be able to attract the guests that are looking for hotel history experience (original building), but also attract guests that are looking for modern style ( second building, big building).

    To keep exterior the same theme with the original building will embody the brand.

  2. Beautifully photographed. Would love to have seen the breakfast they offer. Was there many years ago and had a banana split on the terrace. It was wonderful. A lady on our tour insisted I go. We were staying at the Dusit Thani. I should return and stay here. I love that teak water taxi. Retired now so certainly have the time.

  3. like always, splendid video. Hard to think their remodel was just in 2016. With the Rosewood and the Park Hyatt serving major competition, its only a matter of time before this grand dame gets the facelift she really needs!

  4. Indeed an iconic hotel with a lot of history, but at the same time the decors and facilities look dated. I guess their selling points are the quality of their guests, the ambience, the fine services, and attention to the details.

  5. I stayed there once 20 years ago. It's really a business hotel, not a resort or vacation hotel. The lobby has a dress code - which I was always in violation of. Everyone knows your name all the time, which leads me to think that you're on camera the whole time. When you get off the elevator on your floor at 3 in the morning and the cleaning lady knows your name, you know something's up. It's not a very fun place; instead, it's a very businessy place.

  6. You are so blessed to be able to travel and make these videos. I will never have the money to go and stay in these places so your videos is the closest I will ever come to travel. Thanks, this was fun.

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