Qantas ‘reputational’ damage leads to chairman’s retirement

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Qantas Chairman Richard Goyder has announced his retirement in 2024, prompting criticism from the Transport Workers Union (TWU) for trying to leave “in dignity.” The retirement is part of a board renewal plan aimed at addressing reputational issues and restoring trust in the company. The TWU called for an expedited retirement, citing Goyder’s involvement in illegal sackings. Former Qantas CEO Alan Joyce also resigned due to negative stories about the airline. Qantas has reaffirmed the retirement of other board members and the election of new directors. The company has faced legal battles and scrutiny over its handling of staff and customers.

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Australian flag-carrier Qantas has announced that Chairman Richard Goyder will retire in 2024. However, the Transport Workers Union (TWU) has criticized the move, claiming it is an attempt to leave “in dignity.” This announcement comes as part of Qantas’ plans for a board renewal to address the company’s reputational issues and restore trust.

Richard Goyder’s retirement will occur before the Annual General Meeting in late 2024. The TWU expressed concern over the timing and management of the retirement, urging for it to be expedited. The TWU’s national secretary, Michael Kaine, accused Goyder of attempting to leave with an additional year’s pay after overseeing the largest case of illegal sackings in Australian history.

Qantas has been facing scrutiny recently, with former CEO Alan Joyce stepping down due to negative publicity surrounding the airline. The TWU also criticized Chairman Goyder for accepting a pay raise while employees had their wages frozen. Additionally, Qantas lost a legal battle with TWU over the termination of ground staff in 2020 and is facing a separate lawsuit from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) regarding the alleged sale of tickets for canceled flights.

In response to the board announcement, the TWU dismissed it as mere “shuffling the deckchairs.” Qantas acknowledged the challenges it has faced and the need for accountability to regain trust. They apologized for any mistakes made during the difficult period following the grounding of operations during the pandemic.

Fun Fact: Qantas is the third-oldest airline in the world, founded in 1920. It is also known for having one of the best safety records in the aviation industry.

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