Private Jet Perfection: The $32 Million Bombardier Challenger 650

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The Bombardier Challenger 650 is a high-performance private jet that offers the best-in-class cabin size, global reach, and direct operating expenses. With a price tag of $32 million, this luxury aircraft promises to take you anywhere while offering low operating costs. This video provides an inside look at the features and amenities of the Challenger 650. To stay updated on luxury aviation videos, subscribe to the channel for new content 4-5 times a week.

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44 thoughts on “Private Jet Perfection: The $32 Million Bombardier Challenger 650”

  1. One crash a 605 Bombardier challenger a Dallas Texas commercial real estate investment firm business man Co - Founder of a 1.6 billion dollar company killed in the plane crash of the 6 people on aboard in Truckee California .

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  3. This administration has got to help us out because the cost of Jet A is increasing and making operating costs and expensive Landing fees . Purchase a jet outright than rather than a jet card or fractional ownership is one that should be made carefully on how you will want to use the jet for business or pleasure

  4. For $32. Million dollars I
    And I love the way of the design and interior looks of custom colors and comfortably seating and fly by wire available Avionics and as of today’s Used Market prices on these have been tremendously higher and harder to find than before so go ahead and get a 605 one for $27million

  5. I never envisioned that this private fly would be so mind blowing and idealize and much appreciated to your video I can tell, I cherish planes and without a question typically my favorite, much obliged to you for sharing it, I cherish your channel and I suggest it.

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