Private Jet Perfection: The 2025 Model of the Gulfstream G400, Valued at $35 Million

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The Gulfstream G400 is an upcoming private jet model from Gulfstream, known for their high-quality aircraft. It boasts a faster speed and advanced cockpit, showcasing Gulfstream’s signature “wow factor.” This aircraft is set to fill the role of an entry-level large cabin business jet and is expected to begin deliveries in 2025. The video provides a glimpse inside the luxurious interior of the G400. The YouTube channel offers more videos on luxury aviation and uploads new content 4-5 times a week.

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Gulfstream never fails to impress when it comes to private jets, and their latest aircraft, the Gulfstream G400, is no exception. With its faster speed and advanced cockpit, this jet is truly a masterpiece in the sky. Here are three fun facts about this $35 million private jet perfection, the Gulfstream G400 (2025 Model).

1. Improved Cabin and Interior: The Gulfstream G400 boasts an interior that is among the most cutting-edge available in the market. With up to 2.5 separate living quarters, low pressure cabin altitude, and fresh air that is replaced every two minutes, this jet provides a comfortable and luxurious experience for its passengers. It can accommodate up to 12 people, with space for five to sleep. The 10 traditional Gulfstream oval windows allow for plenty of natural light and stunning views of the landscape. Additionally, there is a conference suite at the rear of the cabin and club seating at the front. The versatility of the cabin configuration allows for a customizable and personalized experience for the passengers.

2. Advanced Cockpit: The cockpit of the Gulfstream G400 features the multi-award-winning Symmetry Flight Deck. This revolutionary cockpit design has changed the way pilots perform their jobs, enhancing both productivity and safety. The aircraft is equipped with side sticks for active control, promoting non-verbal communication between pilots through tactile cues. Touchscreen displays and the phase of trip intelligence system streamline the flight preparation process, reducing the effort and time required to start a flight. The predictive landing performance system utilizes real-time data to enhance pilots’ situational awareness, helping to prevent runway overruns during landing.

3. Impressive Performance: Powered by Pratt and Whitney PW800 engines, with a thrust output of 26,900 pounds, the Gulfstream G400 can reach a maximum speed of Mach .90. Its optimal cruise speed for maximizing range is Mach .85. With a maximum range of 4,200 nautical miles, this jet can fly non-stop from the United States to Europe, Asia, and Australia. The g400’s performance capabilities make it a reliable and efficient choice for long-distance travel.

The Gulfstream G400 is the epitome of private jet perfection, combining luxurious interiors, advanced technology in the cockpit, and impressive performance capabilities. With deliveries set to begin in 2025, this aircraft is sure to be highly sought after among aviation enthusiasts and wealthy individuals. Gulfstream continues to raise the bar in private jet design and innovation, cementing their reputation as one of the leading names in the industry.

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  1. this new introduced Gulfstream G 400 is so great and beautiful no matter looking from outside or inside and you can say that again that it's perfect private Jet i have ever seen and i hope i can see the real/ture one in the year 2025 and thank you for sharing this video to let me know this new future type jet and have a nice day.

  2. Perfect friend, the information you give is excellent, the explanation was very consistent, now I understand better, thanks for such a good contribution. good video I share it. Greetings... really very good!!...

  3. It’s a good aircraft. However, I think you can still get some good deals with less that amount of money. For example, praetor 600. I think this is a very good, capable aircraft. It may not go as fast as G400, I am sure it will still get you there. Actually it beats g400 in range, short ranway take offs

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