Luxury Inside: Exclusive Matte Black Gulfstream G450 Private Jet with Designer Interiors

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The video showcases the luxurious Gulfstream G450 Private Jet, providing a detailed tour and conversation with the owner and designer, Sandra Kinzl. Viewers are invited to come aboard and marvel at the exquisite features and amenities of this private jet. The video encourages engagement from viewers through comments, likes, and subscriptions. The video also shares information about the creators, who are passionate private pilots from Switzerland, and introduces their equipment and social media platforms. A disclaimer at the end emphasizes that the video is for entertainment purposes only and should not be used for flight instruction or preparation.

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Inside Designer Private Jet: All-Matte Black Gulfstream G450

When it comes to private jets, luxury and style are often at the forefront of design choices. However, there is one unique Gulfstream G450 that takes luxury to a whole new level – the all-matte black jet designed by Sandra, the owner of SCK Aviation. In this article, we will take an exclusive look inside this stunning private jet and learn more about Sandra’s inspiration behind its design.

Sandra describes her Gulfstream G450 as the “Lamborghini under the private jet.” It is truly a standout aircraft with its all-matte black exterior, making it one of the most striking private jets ever seen. The choice of an all-black paint job is not only visually appealing but also the most expensive paint job ever done on the G450. The jet was painted by the skilled team at General Atomics, who perfectly achieved the matte finish desired by Sandra.

Apart from the unique exterior, the interior of this private jet is equally impressive. Sandra opted for a complete refurbishment to bring her vision to life. In line with her love for black, every surface inside the aircraft, including the metal and carpet, has been transformed into a sleek black color. Sandra’s attention to detail is evident in aspects such as the fabric seats, which she prefers over traditional leather seats, finding them more modern and stylish.

While exploring the interior, one cannot miss the special black Portoro marble used in various areas of the jet. Sandra’s clear vision for the design, combined with the expertise of designers from M&R, resulted in a cohesive and luxurious interior, personalized to her liking. The matte finish theme continues inside the jet, complemented by shiny elements like striped patterns and glossy surfaces on tables and wood accents.

Sandra’s passion for unique design choices did not stop with the aesthetics of the jet. She also wanted to ensure that her clients benefit from her expertise in finding the right aircraft and refurbishment. SCK Aviation, Sandra’s own company, assists clients in the selection process, refurbishment decisions, and finding the perfect operator. Her hands-on experience with her own private jet makes her an ideal guide for others seeking the perfect aircraft.

Now, let’s move on to three fun facts related to this article:

1. The all-matte black Gulfstream G450 boasts the most expensive paint job ever done on this aircraft model. The cost of the paint job alone was around half a million dollars, adding to the exclusivity of this private jet.

2. Sandra’s love for black extends to every corner of the interior, including the custom-designed carpet. Working with the Tai Ping Company, Sandra created a one-of-a-kind carpet that perfectly complements the sleek and modern aesthetic of the jet.

3. Sandra’s fascination with Gulfstream aircraft began when the company reached out to her after stumbling upon her Instagram profile. Since then, Sandra has developed a close relationship with Gulfstream, hinting at exciting future collaborations and plans together.

In conclusion, the all-matte black Gulfstream G450 is a testament to Sandra’s unique sense of style and her desire to push the boundaries of private jet design. With its striking appearance, luxurious interior, and attention to detail, this private jet truly stands out from the crowd. From the use of black Portoro marble to the collaboration with General Atomics for the paint job, every aspect of this jet exudes luxury and exclusivity. Whether you’re a fan of black or simply appreciate extraordinary design, this Gulfstream G450 is a sight to behold.

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