London Luton Airport Begins Demolition of Fire-Damaged Multi-Storey Car Park

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Work has begun to demolish a multi-storey car park at London Luton Airport that was damaged by a fire in October, leaving hundreds of cars stuck inside. A specialist contractor has been appointed to raze the structure from the top down, and cars will be removed as each level is exposed. Cars on the ground to third floors are deemed unrecoverable and will be demolished with the building. Vehicles on upper levels that survived the fire will be assessed and either resold within the motor trade or broken for parts. The fire was attributed to an electrical fault in a diesel vehicle, and the demolition is expected to take around 16 weeks.

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“London Luton Airport Begins Demolition of Fire-Damaged Car Park”

At London Luton Airport, the demolition of a multi-storey car park has commenced – with a surprising number of vehicles still trapped inside.

In a devastating fire last October, the lower levels of the structure near Terminal 2 were engulfed, resulting in the destruction of numerous vehicles and stranding hundreds more. A total of 1,405 cars and vans were reportedly within the affected area.

A specialized contractor has been enlisted to raze the car park from the top down, systematically lifting out cars as each level is revealed. Unfortunately, cars on the lower levels have been deemed irrecoverable and will be demolished alongside the building. This complex operation is estimated to take about 16 weeks.

Despite some vehicles surviving the inferno on the upper levels, they have all been written off and will soon be sent to salvage auctioneer Copart for assessment and potential resale within the motor trade or for parts. Completely burnt-out cars from the lower levels are likely to meet the crusher without delay.

Shortly after the initial incident, the Luton Airport Operations Director acknowledged the challenging nature of the task, citing unexpected delays due to inclement weather and strong winds.

The fire, which was traced back to an electrical fault in a diesel vehicle, has led to a meticulous and prolonged process of vehicle removal and structure demolition.

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