Korean Air Introduces Virtual Inflight Safety Video with Virtual Cabin Crew

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Korean Air has created a new virtual inflight safety video, featuring a computer-generated flight attendant in a virtual space. The video is produced by Metaverse Entertainment and features virtual influencers and a virtual girl group. The video covers important safety instructions, such as wearing a seatbelt, storing carry-on luggage, and emergency exit locations. Korean Air hopes that the use of virtual humans will engage passengers and change perceptions of inflight safety videos. The video will be shown on all flights starting from January 4, 2024, and is also available on the airline’s official YouTube channel.

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Introduce the virtual world to inflight safety with Korean Air’s latest safety video. Taking aviation into uncharted territory, Korean Air has employed computer-generated technology to captivate passengers with a new approach to safety videos. In this pioneering five-minute guide, a virtual cabin crew member from the developed space runs through the safety instructions.

The introduction of virtual humans in the safety video sets a new standard in engaging passengers during a vital part of the flight. The virtual influencers, including the virtual girl group MAVE, constructed by Metaverse Entertainment, immerses passengers in a one-of-a-kind safety experience.

Centered in the ‘Korean Air Safety Lounge,’ the innovative video aims to simplify the inflight safety rules and ensure passengers understand them. Rina, a virtual influencer highly popular on social media, plays the flight attendant and will guide passengers on safety protocols in the video.

Incorporating instructions on storing carry-on luggage, wearing seat belts, prohibited items, cabin smoking regulations, emergency exit locations, and putting on a life jacket, the safety video is designed to be informative and visually engaging.

Korean Air’s representative emphasizes the unprecedented synergy between the aviation industry and digital technology, demonstrating the airline’s commitment to enhancing passenger safety. The new safety video debuts on all flights starting January 4, 2024, and is now available on the airline’s official YouTube channel.

Fun Fact: The use of virtual influencers in safety videos is a new concept introducing a fresh approach to engaging passengers.

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