Kake Airport: A Gateway to Southeast Alaska’s Remote Wilderness

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Kake Airport: A Gateway to Southeast Alaska’s Remote Wilderness

Located on Kupreanof Island in the Alexander Archipelago of Southeast Alaska, Kake Airport serves as a vital connection to the remote wilderness of the region. The airport is an essential transportation hub for residents, tourists, and businesses, providing access to the stunning natural beauty and abundant outdoor recreational opportunities that define this part of the world.

Location and Facilities

Kake Airport is situated 1 mile southwest of the village of Kake, which is home to approximately 600 residents. The airport features a single asphalt runway, designated as Runway 6/24, measuring 3,000 feet in length. The facility is equipped with basic navigational aids and lighting systems to support day and night operations for both commercial and private aircraft. The terminal building offers essential passenger services, including check-in counters, waiting areas, and restrooms.

Transportation Services

Alaska Airlines operates scheduled passenger flights to and from Kake Airport, connecting the community to the regional hub of Juneau, the state capital. Additionally, air taxi and charter services are available for those seeking customized travel options or access to more remote destinations. The airport also supports cargo operations, facilitating the shipment of goods and supplies to and from the area.

Gateway to Wilderness

As the primary air gateway to Kake and the surrounding wilderness, Kake Airport plays a crucial role in facilitating tourism and outdoor adventure opportunities in Southeast Alaska. Visitors to the region can use the airport as a starting point for exploring the Tongass National Forest, the largest national forest in the United States, which encompasses vast expanses of old-growth rainforest, glaciers, and a diverse array of wildlife.

Outdoor Recreation

Outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers can take advantage of the airport’s proximity to the great outdoors. Activities such as hiking, fishing, wildlife viewing, and kayaking are easily accessible, allowing travelers to immerse themselves in the pristine natural environment of Southeast Alaska. The airport’s location also provides convenient access to hunting areas and remote backcountry experiences for those seeking a more rugged and adventurous journey.

Economic Impact

Beyond its role in supporting tourism and recreation, Kake Airport also contributes to the economic development of the area. The transportation connections provided by the airport are vital for local businesses, enabling the movement of goods, services, and personnel to and from the community. Additionally, the airport helps foster trade and commerce by connecting Kake to broader regional and national markets.


Kake Airport serves as a vital link to the remote wilderness and unique cultural experiences of Southeast Alaska. Its strategic location and essential air services make it a critical asset for residents, visitors, and businesses, providing access to the natural wonders and economic opportunities of the region. Whether traveling for leisure or business, the airport offers a gateway to adventure and exploration in one of the most pristine and awe-inspiring parts of the world.


How can I get to Kake Airport?

You can reach Kake Airport by booking a scheduled flight through Alaska Airlines or by arranging for air taxi or charter services from nearby locations.

What are the outdoor activities available near Kake Airport?

Outdoor activities near Kake Airport include hiking, fishing, wildlife viewing, kayaking, hunting, and backcountry adventures in the Tongass National Forest.

Are there accommodations and services available in the village of Kake?

Yes, the village of Kake offers a range of lodging options, restaurants, grocery stores, and visitor services to support travelers’ needs.

Can I ship cargo through Kake Airport?

Yes, Kake Airport supports cargo operations and facilitates the shipment of goods and supplies to and from the area.

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