Investigation Launched After easyJet Flight Descends Below Glide Path

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An easyJet flight to Geneva Airport descended well below the glide path. The aircraft initiated a go-around while landing configuration, resulting in a loss of altitude and requiring careful handling. The aircraft completed three subsequent flights without further issues on the same day. The Swiss Safety Investigation Board began an investigation into the incident. The Airbus A320neo reached a low calibrated altitude of 2,475 ft during its approach, and just 230 meters above Lake Geneva. There are risks associated with a go-around, such as loss of altitude, especially when initiated at low speeds. The incident occurred during the first flight of the day for the aircraft.

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“An easyJet flight descended well below the glide path while approaching Geneva Airport. Despite the incident, the aircraft completed three subsequent flights without any further issues throughout the day.”

This is what happened on November 5, 2023, when an easyJet flight was operating between Edinburgh Airport and Geneva Airport. According to the Swiss Safety Investigation Board (SUST), the aircraft was well below the approach glide path when it was descending to land, sparking an investigation into the incident.

Fun Fact: Geneva Airport is sometimes referred to as Cointrin Airport, it became Geneva International Airport after the Second World War and is the second busiest airport in Switzerland.

The easyJet Airbus A320neo was flying at around 39,000 feet before it commenced its descent into Geneva. However, as the aircraft approached the airport, it reached a dangerously low altitude of 2,475 ft after the pilots initiated a go-around.

Fun Fact: The Airbus A320neo is the latest version of the A320 family, offering latest generation engines and aerodynamics.

The aircraft attempted its landing again, but the SUST reports show that it was still at a calibrated altitude of about 4,000 ft, significantly lower than what is ideal for a safe approach to Geneva Airport, which has an average elevation of 1,411 ft.

Fun Fact: Geneva Airport is located just 4 km northwest of the city center of Geneva, Switzerland.

SUST has launched an investigation into this incident, which involved six crew members and 157 passengers. The pilots managed to land the aircraft using the Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) approach after the go-around.

In the world of aviation, a go-around initiated with a landing configuration can result in a loss of altitude, which aircraft pilots must carefully manage. This was evident in the case of the easyJet Airbus A320neo, where the altitude and speed graph showed fluctuations as the pilots attempted their landing at Geneva Airport.

Fun Fact: EasyJet is a British low-cost airline group and a large operator in Europe with flights to over 140 destinations.

Despite the incident, the aircraft still went on to complete three more flights during the day without any further issues. This speaks to the resilience and safety protocols established within the airline’s operations.

Overall, this incident illustrates the importance of meticulous handling of the aircraft and utmost adherence to safety procedures during approach and landing, especially in challenging conditions.

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