Introducing the Sonaca S201, a European Sling 2 Aircraft

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In this video, a flight school introduces their new aircraft, the Sonaca S201 Trainer Pro. They give a detailed overview of the exterior and cockpit of the plane, highlighting its features and technology, such as the Garmin G500 TXI and Garmin GI 275 instruments. They conduct their first training flight with the new aircraft, showcasing the flight and landing process. The video also provides specifications of the aircraft, including its registration, home base, engine power, payload, and endurance. The video ends with a disclaimer, reminding viewers that the video is for entertainment purposes only and should not be used for flight instruction or preparation.

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The European Sling 2 | Sonaca S201: A New Aircraft with Exciting Features

Welcome everyone to today’s video. In this article, we are going to explore the European Sling 2, also known as the Sonaca S201. Recently, our flight school purchased two of these brand new aircrafts, and today, I had the opportunity to take one of them for an introduction flight. Let’s delve into the details and discover what makes this aircraft special.

1. Parts Manufacturing Legacy:
Sonaca, the manufacturer of the Sonaca S201, has a rich history of delivering parts for various aircraft manufacturers worldwide. Companies like Airbus, Boeing, Dassault, and Embraer have relied on Sonaca for their parts. With such a reputable background in parts manufacturing, it’s no wonder that Sonaca Aircraft has created an exceptional aircraft like the S201.

2. Impressive Specifications:
The Sonaca S201 boasts a wingspan of 9.25 meters and a length of 6.7 meters from prop to tail. Constructed primarily out of aluminum, it offers robustness and ease of repair. Furthermore, this aircraft has a maximum take-off weight of 750 kilograms and a useful load of approximately 170 kilograms. These specifications make it a versatile and efficient choice for flight training and recreational flying.

3. Advanced Features:
One of the notable features of the Sonaca S201 is its electronically controlled flaps. These flaps can be adjusted from zero to 30 degrees in 10-degree steps, providing pilots with enhanced control during takeoff and landing. Additionally, wing fences are present on both sides of the wings. These wing fences help delay the stall, improving the overall safety and performance of the aircraft.

Moving inside the cockpit, the Sonaca S201 impresses with its modern avionics. Equipped with a full glass cockpit, it features a G500 TXi, a GTN 650 for radio navigation, an engine instruments display, and a backup instrument – the Garmin GI 275. The displays are fully touch-controlled, allowing pilots to easily adjust settings like QNH, frequencies, and transponder codes.

Other noteworthy aspects of the aircraft include a fuel selector valve, accommodating a fuel capacity of 140 liters (equivalent to 37 gallons), and a single-lever throttle control with detents, enabling pilots to utilize up to 115% full power or 100% maximum continuous power.

In conclusion, the European Sling 2 | Sonaca S201 is an aircraft that offers remarkable features for flight training and recreational flying. Its legacy in parts manufacturing, impressive specifications, and advanced avionics make it a promising addition to our flight school’s fleet. After experiencing its capabilities firsthand, I am thrilled to continue my pilot training on this exceptional aircraft. The Sonaca S201 truly lives up to its reputation as a robust and high-performing aircraft.

Happy flying!

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