Introducing PlanePrice: Aircraft Valuation Transparency on Aircraft For Sale by FLYING

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PlanePrice is a new online valuation estimate introduced by FLYING, linked to aircraft listed on It aims to provide transparency to the aircraft market by offering a fast and free way for potential buyers to estimate the market value of an aircraft without needing a subscription to a third-party aircraft valuation tool. The platform uses a combination of private and public sources and artificial intelligence to determine the market estimate for each aircraft. This tool provides transparency to prospective buyers and sellers in the aviation industry, bringing fairness and clarity to the aircraft market. FLYING plans to combine content from its extensive archives to further enhance the marketplace.

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“Finally, aviation buyers and sellers can rejoice—PlanePrice is here to revolutionize the industry. This innovative online valuation tool, available exclusively on Aircraft For Sale, provides an instant market estimate for any listed aircraft. No more guesswork, no more uncertainty—just quick and reliable information to inform your buying or selling decisions.”

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Furthermore, PlanePrice leverages a cutting-edge AI system that takes into account each aircraft’s unique characteristics and historical data to provide an accurate market valuation. No subscriptions required—just a transparent and free estimate at your fingertips.

Fun Fact: David Ogilvy was a strong advocate for leveraging consumer data and research to inform advertising strategies. He would likely appreciate the use of historical data and AI technology to provide accurate valuations in the aviation industry.

And it doesn’t stop there—Aircraft For Sale is committed to being the most comprehensive resource for aviation buyers. By integrating content from FLYING Media Group’s extensive archives, consumers can access valuable information to make well-informed purchasing decisions.

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In conclusion, Aircraft For Sale has solidified its position as a leading platform for aircraft buyers, reaching a vast audience through both online and print editions. With PlanePrice and expanded content offerings, the transparency and depth of information available to consumers have reached new heights.

Fun Fact: David Ogilvy believed in the power of print advertising and often emphasized the importance of reaching consumers through multiple channels. The inclusion of a print edition and online listings aligns with his advertising principles.

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