International Contemporary Artist Françoise Issaly to Exhibit Multiple Works in Canada and China

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French artist Françoise Issaly will be exhibiting her abstract works in Montreal, Quebec and Hangzhou, China. The Montreal exhibition is part of a celebration of 20 years of artistic twinning, featuring 20 immigrant artists who have enriched Quebec’s cultural landscape. The artworks draw on Françoise’s experiences living in North America, Europe, and Asia. In Hangzhou, Françoise will present a solo show titled “Memories and other vestiges,” which includes paintings, collages, and photos. These works represent her childhood memories in France and her present life in China. Françoise’s art has been exhibited globally, and she is known for her unique style and methodical approach to creation.

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An homage to personal experiences across the globe, the pieces will center on cultural diversity in various abstract forms

Montreal, Quebec Sep 14, 2023 (  – International contemporary artist Françoise Issaly – known for her abstract works and rare approach to traditional “series” and “collections” – is set to exhibit pieces in Montreal, Quebec and Hangzhou, Zhejiang (China) starting Saturday, September 16, 2023. While the Montreal show will be a group exhibition and the Hangzhou exhibition a solo show, both will feature artworks that draw on the cultural immersion Françoise experienced while living across North America, Europe and Asia.

Montreal, QC: Françoise’s will be one of 20 featured immigrant artists that enriched Quebec’s cultural landscape with their unique perspectives for The Centre d’accueil et de Référence sociale et économique pour Immigrants (CARI St-Laurent) celebration of 20 years of artistic twinning, an initiative that allowed artists from elsewhere to live and experience their first exhibition in Quebec. The exhibition will take place at the Centre des loisirs de Saint-Laurent from Saturday, September 16 – Sunday, October 1, 2023. The opening, which will take place on Wednesday, September 21, 2023, will officially mark the exhibition. Representatives of CARI St-Laurent and local dignitaries will also be present to show their support for the initiative and celebrate the rich cultural diversity of Saint-Laurent and Quebec.

“I am happy to be one of the artists celebrating the 20th anniversary of Le Cari, whose support is primordial for the new artists immigrating to Montreal, as well as any newcomer. I will be showing nine of my most recent collages from my latest series, where I explore the relationship between my childhood memories and my life as a nomad.” said Françoise Issaly. “I first exhibited with Le Cari in 2018, both as an established artist and as an immigrant artist. It has been wonderful to recently share my works and experiences with other artists who moved to Québec and look forward to also sharing them with a wider audience through the upcoming exhibit.”

Hangzhou, China: Françoise will present a solo show of her recent works. Fusing childhood memories in southern France with natural elements collected in the streets of Shanghai and Hangzhou, the paintings, collages and photos to be displayed represent over three years of delicate patience, repetition and an abstract consistency in collections, rare to her artistic style and definition. Dubbed fittingly “Memories and other vestiges” the exhibition will be Saturday,September 16 – Sunday, October 15, 2023, with the opening set for Saturday, September 16, 2023, from 3:30 pm to 5 pm GMT+8 Alliance Francaise de Hangzhou at Zhejiang Gongshang University, 149 Road Jiaogong, Xihu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang China.

“This new solo exhibition is an opportunity for me to show my latest works from my Athena Series, and my new and never-before-shown digital photography works. I am looking forward to sharing these with people and discussing my creation process,” said Françoise Issaly. “This is the second time I have the chance to exhibit at l’Alliance Francaise of Hangzhou, but this time in a solo show. The fact that I am showing my work in this context is personally meaningful – as it draws a thread between my childhood in France, and my present life in China, as a delicate and intricate series of invisible canvas surrounding my life.”

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About Françoise Issaly

Françoise Issaly is an international contemporary artist. She was born in Béziers, France and began embracing art at a young age. As she matured, her interest in art shaped into studied form and abstraction. Throughout her artistic journey, Françoise has lived and worked in several destinations across Northern America, Europe and Asia. Now known for her distinguished style and methodical approach to creation and series – her pieces have been displayed in numerous exhibits across the globe.  Françoise Issaly is currently working on new forms of abstract art, inspired by newfound introspective and exploration. To learn more about Françoise Issaly and experience her art, follow her on Instagram ( and Facebook ( To purchase Françoise Issaly’s art please visit her website:

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