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Indian Xplorer, a trekking agency, has officially launched in India, offering exceptional trekking experiences. The agency has a team of experienced trekkers who curate unforgettable journeys for adventure seekers of all levels. Indian Xplorer sets itself apart by providing expert guides who are not only skilled in navigation but also knowledgeable about the local history and culture. They offer customized adventures tailored to each individual’s skill level and preferences and prioritize sustainability and safety. The agency offers treks to stunning destinations such as the Himalayas, Western Ghats, and Northeastern states. Adventurers can visit the Indian Xplorer website to explore upcoming treks and start planning their next adventure.

Nagpur, Maharashtra Sep 22, 2023 (  – Indian Xplorer:

Your Gateway to Unforgettable Trekking Adventures in India

Indian Xplorer, a leading trekking agency dedicated to providing exceptional trekking experiences in the heart of India, is pleased to announce its official launch. With a passion for adventure and a deep appreciation for the natural beauty of India, Indian Xplorer is your trusted partner for discovering the country’s breathtaking landscapes, diverse cultures, and rich heritage.

About Indian Xplorer: Indian Xplorer was founded by a group of experienced trekkers who share a common vision – to introduce outdoor enthusiasts to the wonders of India’s pristine wilderness. With years of trekking and exploration under their belts, the team behind Indian Xplorer is committed to curating unforgettable journeys for adventure seekers of all levels.

What Sets Us Apart: At Indian Xplorer, we take pride in offering a unique and immersive trekking experience. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Expert Guides: Our seasoned guides are not just experts in navigation; they are also storytellers, historians, and naturalists, enhancing your trek with insightful commentary and local knowledge.
  • Customized Adventures: Whether you’re a novice trekker or a seasoned mountaineer, we offer a wide range of treks, each tailored to your skill level and preferences.
  • Sustainability: We are committed to eco-friendly trekking practices. We leave no trace behind, and we actively engage with local communities to promote responsible tourism.
  • Safety First: Your safety is our top priority. We adhere to the highest safety standards, provide essential trekking equipment, and ensure thorough risk assessments for each trek.

Our Trekking Destinations: Discover some of India’s most stunning trekking destinations with Indian Xplorer:

  • Himalayan Treks: Explore the majestic Himalayas with treks to popular destinations like Buran Ghati Pass, Rupin Pass, and Uttarakhand.
  • Western Ghats: Immerse yourself in the lush greenery and biodiversity of the Western Ghats in destinations like Kerala and Karnataka.
  • Northeast Adventures: Embark on unique adventures in the northeastern states, including Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, and Nagaland.

Join Us on an Unforgettable Journey: Indian Xplorer invites adventurers, nature lovers, and anyone seeking a break from the ordinary to join us on a trekking adventure that will leave you with lasting memories and a deeper connection to India’s natural wonders.

Visit our website at to explore our upcoming treks and start planning your next adventure today. For media inquiries, partnerships, or more information, please contact:

Media Contact: [Vicky and Bhajan]  Indian Xplorer Email:  Phone: [+91  7304737585 / +91  9816723483]

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Indian Xplorer is ready to lead you on a journey of discovery, adventure, and unparalleled natural beauty. Book your trek today and let the adventure begin!

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