Impressions and Review of Moraine Lake Lodge: My Beloved Hotel in the Canadian Rockies

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34 thoughts on “Impressions and Review of Moraine Lake Lodge: My Beloved Hotel in the Canadian Rockies”

  1. When things eventually return to normal, you should try staying (and filming) at this resort during the depths of winter, when it is covered with feet of snow and ice. That would be interesting to see. That applies to all the other resorts you filmed in western Canada too.

  2. As a former operator of an EcoTourism b business based out of Canmore, I was blessed with offering tours to this wonderful piece of Paradise. The rockpile is where I learned how to master my meditation skills. If you thought the scenery was bucolic before you meditated after you open your eyes it was 1000 X's more!

  3. It's so gorgeous country Canada and Canadian people very hospitality respect they're have nice character personality I live in London but very rubbish nothing special and I would love to move on Canada gir live soon 🇨🇦🌺🌹🌺🇨🇦

  4. I was lucky enough to drive from Montreal to Vancouver many years ago with a was just at the end of September and when we arrived in Banff the first thing we did was go to Lake Moraine and see The Seven Sisters, which are the 7 peaks that are there and used to be on the back of old Canadian $20 bills........I wept and to this day was one of the most spectacular things I have ever seen...................

  5. Il dissipe le jour
    Il est dur comme la pierre
    La pierre informe
    Du mouvement et de la vue
    Le ciel est sa vérité philosophiques
    L'homme sa réalité
    Tu est là pour illuminer l'amour et la vie .les feuilles cachées les jeunes ruisseaux sortent de l'herbe fraîche
    Les couleurs brûlent puis l'automne courtise ardemment l'hiver vierge .tu est l'ivresse couleurs de mes lèvres

  6. Tout m'y parle des paysages aux intimes accents .
    Dont les parfums mots les sens les bruits les torrents les douces images
    Vieux souvenirs dormant au fond de nous
    Chaque pierre à un nom
    Ces lieux sont encore pleins de fastes
    Îles de jour Dont la pensée adorée
    Dans le miroir des lacs qui dorment.
    Tiède azur limpide eaux

  7. It's been about 20 years since I visited Moraine Lake. I have been there twice. The first time was late July. Arrived at the lake in early afternoon on a bright sunny day. As we walked up to the lake from the parking area below, it took my breath away as we first saw the lake and the mountain peaks going straight up from the lake to the sky. The most beautiful place I have ever been.

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