Full Comparison: Bombardier Challenger 650 versus Gulfstream G280

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This video is a comparison of the Bombardier Challenger 650 and the Gulfstream G280 private jets. Both companies are known for their elegant and high-performance aircraft. The video delves into the specifications and features of each jet, comparing aspects such as cabin size, range, speed, and climb performance. It also looks at the interior design and amenities offered by both planes. The conclusion highlights the strengths and weaknesses of each aircraft and recommends them based on individual needs and preferences. The video serves as a helpful guide for those looking to invest in a luxury private jet.

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Bombardier Challenger 650 vs Gulfstream G280: A Full Comparison

When it comes to high-quality and luxurious airplanes, Bombardier and Gulfstream are two of the most renowned firms in the industry. Known for their elegant designs and exceptional performance, both companies have once again squared off to determine which aircraft is superior. In this article, we will compare the Bombardier Challenger 650 and the Gulfstream G280 to help you make an informed decision. Additionally, we will provide three fun facts related to this comparison.

Interior Comparison:
Both the Challenger 650 and the G280 offer similar performance figures, making it challenging to determine which is best for you. However, there are some significant differences that set them apart. The cabin altitude of both aircraft is around 7,000 feet, which helps reduce jet lag. The Challenger 650 has a maximum cabin altitude of 41,000 feet, while the G280 can go up to 45,000 feet. In terms of interior dimensions, the G280 trumps the Challenger 650, except for width. The G280’s cabin is 9.83 meters long and 2.11 meters wide, providing more shoulder room and a broader aisle for comfort and ease of navigation. The Challenger 650’s cabin, on the other hand, measures 7.8 meters long and 2.41 meters wide.

Passenger Capacity and Luggage Space:
The Challenger 650 can accommodate up to 12 passengers, while the G280 has a maximum capacity of 10 passengers. However, due to the G280’s larger size, passengers will have more room and comfort. In terms of luggage space, the Challenger 650 can hold up to 115 cubic feet, whereas the G280 can accommodate up to 120 cubic feet. This additional luggage space in the G280 can be advantageous for longer trips.

Range and Performance:
When it comes to range, the Challenger 650 outperforms the Gulfstream G280. The Challenger 650 can fly up to 4,000 nautical miles before needing to refuel, while the G280 has a range of up to 3,600 nautical miles. It’s important to note that these figures are manufacturer-stated and may vary based on actual flight conditions. In terms of performance, the Challenger 650 is powered by two General Electric CF-34 3B engines, with a combined thrust output of 17,400 pounds. The G280, on the other hand, is equipped with Honeywell HTF 7250G engines, producing a total thrust of 15,200 pounds. The Challenger 650 has a higher cruise speed of 488 knots, compared to the G280’s top cruise speed of 482 knots. However, the G280 has a higher cruise altitude of 45,000 feet, while the Challenger 650 cruises at 41,000 feet. The Challenger 650 is also slightly thirstier, consuming 310 gallons per hour, compared to the G280’s fuel consumption of 284 gallons per hour.

Ground Performance:
While the Challenger 650 has more thrust, the G280 outperforms it on the runway. The Challenger 650 has a takeoff distance of 5,604 feet, while the G280 has a minimum takeoff distance of 4,750 feet. When it comes to landing, the Challenger 650 has a minimum landing distance of 2,402 feet, while the G280 requires a minimum landing distance of 2,720 feet. The G280’s shorter takeoff distance allows for operations at more airports, increasing flexibility and saving time.

Fun Facts:
1. The Bombardier Challenger 650 has the largest cabin in its class, offering ample space for passengers to relax and enjoy their journey. With hand-stitched interiors and optional metal inserts on the leather seats, the Challenger 650 exudes luxury and exclusivity.

2. The Gulfstream G280 may be smaller in size but does not compromise on luxury. With a fully enclosed lavatory, vacuum toilet, sink, and closet, passengers can enjoy the utmost comfort and privacy. The cabin is equipped with the Gulfstream Cabin Management System, allowing passengers to customize their environment via an app.

3. In terms of pricing, the Gulfstream G280 is less expensive than the Bombardier Challenger 650. However, it’s important to note that private jet charter costs can vary based on several factors, including the task at hand. The estimated hourly charter price for the Challenger 650 is $1,600, while the G280’s early charter price is expected to be $5,650. When it comes to purchase price, the Challenger 650 has a new list price of $32 million, while the G280 has a new list price of $25 million. Pre-owned aircraft prices can vary significantly, with a five-year-old Challenger 650 costing around $15 million and a five-year-old G280 costing approximately $13 million.

In conclusion, both the Bombardier Challenger 650 and the Gulfstream G280 are exceptional aircraft with their own unique features. While the Challenger 650 offers a better cabin feel and larger cabin size, the G280 excels in terms of interior design and lower noise levels. Ultimately, the choice between these two aircraft will depend on your specific preferences and requirements.

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  1. I wouldn't purchase either, in this super mid size I'd go for a Falcon 2000LXS, as it has a flat floor with no central well i.e. no twisted ankles in turbulence when you need to get up, and has a bigger cabin over all to name just two features.

  2. i am taking notes from your video, thanks for share info.

    If you are traveling a far distance, have a large group, or simply prefer the luxury of a larger aircraft, you have probably considered a heavy aircraft such as a Gulfstream or a Challenger

  3. Incredible comparison and thanks to your video I can know a little more about these two, thank you for sharing since I love knowing about planes, jets I am impressed with the two differences since they are super luxurious and incredible, I love your channel

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