First Flight Review of the DA50 RG by Diamond Aircraft Test Pilot: A Journey in the Skies

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The video showcases the Diamond Aircraft “roadshow” in Switzerland featuring their new DA50 RG model. Despite windy weather conditions, the test pilot, Fabio, takes the aircraft for a quick VFR test flight over St. Gallen Altenrhein. The video provides an introduction, footage of the DA50 RG on the ground and during takeoff, a test flight over Bodensee, an approach to the runway, and a landing. The creators of the video are passionate private pilots from Switzerland, and they share their experiences flying various aircraft. They use equipment such as a Canon EOS R5 and GoPro Hero 5, and can be found on social media platforms like Instagram.

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We recently had the opportunity to fly the new Diamond Aircraft DA50 RG and it was an exhilarating experience. We were joined by Fabio, a seasoned test pilot from Diamond, who gave us a tour of the aircraft and took us up into the sky. The DA50 RG is a brand new release from Diamond and is already making waves in the aviation industry.

During our flight, we got to experience the power and maneuverability of the DA50 RG. Fabio guided us through the takeoff, climb, cruise, and descent phases, showcasing the aircraft’s capabilities. We were impressed by the smooth handling and responsiveness of the controls, making it a joy to fly. The DA50 RG also offers excellent visibility, allowing for a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape.

One of the standout features of the DA50 RG is its range and fuel efficiency. Depending on the power settings, the aircraft can achieve different speeds and fuel consumption rates. Fabio recommended cruising at 75% power to achieve a good balance between speed and range. However, he mentioned that the aircraft can also be pushed to its limits for high-speed cruising or dialed back for long-range flights with minimal fuel consumption.

Another highlight of the DA50 RG is its advanced safety systems. It comes equipped with Electronic Stability Protection (ESP) and Underspeed Protection (USP) systems, which help maintain the aircraft’s stability and prevent excessive bank angles or pitch. We had a chance to experience these systems in action and were impressed by their effectiveness. However, pilots have the option to override or disconnect them if necessary.

The DA50 RG also offers ample space and comfort for both pilots and passengers. Even with two adults in the front seats and two in the back, there was plenty of room for everyone. The higher seat position provides a commanding view and adds to the overall comfort of the experience. The aircraft also features a spacious cabin with large windows, perfect for enjoying scenic flights.

In conclusion, our first flight in the Diamond Aircraft DA50 RG was a memorable experience. It is a versatile and capable aircraft that offers power, efficiency, safety, and comfort. Whether you’re a pilot or a passenger, flying in the DA50 RG is a truly enjoyable experience that is hard to forget. If you have the means and the desire to own such a remarkable aircraft, we highly recommend considering the DA50 RG.

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31 thoughts on “First Flight Review of the DA50 RG by Diamond Aircraft Test Pilot: A Journey in the Skies”

  1. the flight was around 8 minutes of which 95% was vision of the guy flying the plane. the Diamonds are nice aircraft, but I'd much rather be watching the instrument panels and the view than some numpty in the left seat. see the same when people decide to 'show you the sights' of some really nice place, beaches in Australia for instance and spend the entire time with a go-pro focused on them and not the scenery.

  2. What's the point of calling it a plane "review" when most of the time the camera inside the cockpit is focused on the faces of the dudes! I'm surevthere are other videos if someone just wanted to look at dude faces!! Horrible to call it a review. Wasted opportunity and time!!

  3. its a nice plane, but for 1.3M USD - not worth it (in my opinion). At that cost, you could get a Turboprop in need of some restoration, maybe around 750k like a Beech200 or C90 and then pump 500k into it and not only will you get a pressurized cabin, but you get a faster KTAS, higher altitudes and even a belted potty for those who wish it. Just my thoughts.

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