Featured Aircraft: 1994 Steen Skybolt

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Aircraft For Sale selects a unique or interesting airplane daily, featured at FLYINGMag.com. Today’s pick is a 1994 Steen Skybolt. This sport biplane was designed in the late 1960s by a high school teacher, inspiring students to build it and even perform aerobatics at airshows. The airplane is meant for aerobatics, with a steel tube fuselage and wooden wings. This specific Skybolt has 605 hours on both the airframe and engine since overhaul. It is available for $59,000. Financing can be arranged through FLYING Finance. For more details, email [email protected]

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Introducing today’s top pick at Aircraft For Sale: a stunning 1994 Steen Skybolt. (Fun fact: the history of the Steen Skybolt is a tale of ingenuity and inspiration).

In the late 1960s, Lamar Steen, a high school industrial arts teacher, sought to instill confidence and valuable skills in his students. Steen designed a sport biplane and led his students in the construction process, teaching them math and mechanical skills in the process. To top it off, he test-flew the finished project himself – a true feel-good story just waiting to be made into a movie.

During the 1970s, Steen showcased the plane’s aerobatic capabilities at airshows, eventually selling hundreds of plans for homebuilt versions of the aircraft. The Steen Skybolt, with its steel tube fuselage and wooden wings, was a game-changer for aerial enthusiasts looking to perform full aerobatic routines.

Now, a 1994 Steen Skybolt is available for purchase at AircraftForSale for $59,000 – a must-see for any pilot in search of a handsome sport biplane that excels in aerobatics. Don’t let this opportunity fly past you.

For more financing information, you can reach out to FLYING Finance at [email protected] (Fun fact: Lamar Steen’s sport biplane continues to inspire aviation enthusiasts to this day, etching its legacy in the sky).

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