Exploring the Lavish Interior of the King Air 360ER, the Ultimate Long-Range Turboprop

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The video showcases the inside of the King Air 360ER, highlighting its spacious cabin and cozy feel. The aircraft is equipped for both long and short-term travels and is highly desirable for its features. The video also mentions a mistake in the dimensions mentioned earlier in the video and provides the correct ones. Viewers are encouraged to subscribe to the channel for more luxury aviation content, with new videos being uploaded 4-5 times a week.

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Inside $7.9 Million King Air 360ER | The Longest-Range Turboprop

The Beechcraft King Air 360ER is a game-changer in the world of turboprop aircraft. With its long range, luxurious features, and versatile interior, this aircraft is perfect for both short and long-term travels. Let’s dive deeper into the amazing features of this impressive aircraft.

The cabin of the King Air 360ER is spacious and can accommodate a whole team comfortably. Despite its size, the cabin still feels cozy and provides a comfortable environment for passengers. Whether you’re traveling with a group of colleagues or with your family, the King Air 360ER ensures that everyone can enjoy a comfortable journey.

One of the key highlights of this aircraft is its multi-mission interior. The cabin can be rearranged in various configurations, making it suitable for carrying passengers, cargo, or performing other tasks. For corporate travelers, a corporate cabin layout is available, featuring a dual four-place club with a forward refreshment center and an optional aft belted lavatory. This flexibility ensures that the King Air 360ER can meet the diverse needs of its passengers.

The cockpit of the King Air 360ER is equipped with the Rockwell Collins Proline Fusion avionic suite, providing operators with a familiar and efficient interface. The advanced features of this suite, such as the IS&S thrust sense auto throttle, ensure precise control and optimize power output. It also includes automatic scheduling of cabin pressure through digital pressurization, enhancing passenger comfort and reducing pilot workload.

Now, let’s take a look at some fun facts related to the King Air 360ER:

1. The King Air 360ER has an impressive range of 2,692 nautical miles, making it the turboprop with the longest commercially available range. Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, this aircraft can take you to your destination without the need for a refueling stop.

2. The aircraft’s intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities make it a popular choice for government, military, and commercial sectors. With its high performance and flight characteristics, the King Air 360ER is deployed for border protection, law enforcement, and other crucial operations.

3. The King Air 360ER has a maximum takeoff weight of 16,500 pounds and a maximum landing weight of 15,670 pounds. Its powerful engines, the PT6A-68, can produce 1,050 shaft horsepower, enabling the aircraft to reach a maximum cruise speed of 312 knots.

In conclusion, the Beechcraft King Air 360ER is a remarkable aircraft that offers unparalleled comfort, flexibility, and range. Whether you’re traveling with a group, transporting cargo, or embarking on special missions, this aircraft is equipped to handle it all. With its prestigious reputation and advanced features, the King Air 360ER truly raises the bar for turboprop aircraft in the aviation industry.

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44 thoughts on “Exploring the Lavish Interior of the King Air 360ER, the Ultimate Long-Range Turboprop”

  1. So, as a corporation, you can afford to spend 7.9 million dollars on an airplane to fly your execs and their families around, and Beechcraft says it is certified for single pilot operation so that you can save some $45,000 per year by NOT hiring a copilot? REALLY? We just saw the stupidity of flying a corporate jet single pilot when a Citation 550 recently crash and killed 4 people plus the loss of the airplane because that single pilot had a medical emergency and crashed because the operator was too cheap or too stupid to fly with a second pilot. I flew the King Air for 13 years, as both a corporate pilot and as the Director of Training for both FlightSafety International and Simuflite, 1978-1986, and neither of these professional training companies in that era would sign a pilot's Pro Card if they flew single pilot. And after 29 years flying for the airlines, I am once again (at age 73) flying a corporate plane in my retirement years. It is a 5 million dollar single engine turboprop Pilatus PC-12NG and, like this latest version of the King Air, is certified for single pilot operations. But my boss isn't stupid. He insists we always have a copilot when flying with passengers on board. Just sayin'....

  2. the Beechcraft KingAir 360 ER light turboprop aircraft could do with a stretched fuselage variant & even more range . . . a stretched variant will be well sought after by the military . . . it'll have a length of 56.9 ft & a wingspan of 68.3 ft, 18.2 ft in height . . . as private charter the enlarged cabin of the stretched KingAir 360 ER should be able to accommodate around of 11 - 13 paxs alongwith a proper enclosed lavatory . . . among other enhancements the airframe will feature taller (longer by perpendicular measure) forward & aft landing gear, thus providing additional clearance between the under fuselage & tarmac . . . not to mention powerful turboprop engines with double the thrust, mods to the existing power pack should be more than adequate because opting for a completely new turboprop engine will mean significant increase in costs . . .

  3. 2692 nautical miles? Really? From Google search: King Air 360 ER Maximum Cruise Speed 312 ktas (578 km/h)

    Maximum Range 1,806 nm (3,345 km)

    Takeoff Field Length 3,300 ft (1,006 m)

    Landing Distance 2,692 ft (821 m)

    Maximum Operating Altitude 35,000 ft (10,668 m)

    3 more rows

  4. I thought the video was pretty good although there were mistakes in it that are somewhat "glaring" especially to pilots. The mention of Terrain awareness was pronounced Terin. And reading the airspeed numbers under the specs should have been stated a knots and not T K A S. P&WC should have been stated as Pratt and Whitney. 2,700 "FPM" should be presented as "feet per minute." I'm sure this sounds picky but it also sounds "canned" and unrehearsed. This is a beautiful and highly capable aircraft; certainly one of Textron's best efforts. Its $8 million price tag deserves a more polished presentation. Just an opinion from a King Air pilot.

  5. Wow what an impressive interior feature this aircraft has. Its no wonder these kind of airplanes exist, the technology has really reached top changes over the years. Thanks much ever for the content though

  6. Excellent explanation to know a little more about King Air 360ER, how good to be able to find a video that provides the results that is needed, I can see that you research the subject to present the essential details, that is very good , you dedicate yourself to the subject, good contribution ♥

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