Exploring the History and Significance of Allen Aaf

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Allen Army Airfield, also known as Allen AAF, is a military airfield located in Fort Greely, Alaska. It has a rich history and significant importance in terms of military operations and national defense. This article aims to explore the history and significance of Allen AAF, shedding light on its role in shaping the military landscape and its impact on the surrounding community.

History of Allen AAF

Allen AAF was originally built during World War II as a strategic airfield to support the Alaska-Siberia Route, which provided vital air support to the Soviet Union during the war. The airfield played a crucial role in the transportation of military aircraft and supplies to the Soviet Union, contributing to the overall Allied effort in the Pacific theater.

After the war, Allen AAF continued to serve as a key military installation, providing support for various military operations and training exercises. The airfield underwent several upgrades and expansions over the years, reflecting its ongoing importance in the military hierarchy.

Significance of Allen AAF

Allen AAF holds significant strategic importance due to its location in Alaska, which is considered a critical region for national defense. The airfield serves as a vital link in the US military’s network of bases and installations, supporting various missions and operations in the region.

One of the key roles of Allen AAF is to provide logistical support for military operations in the Arctic region. Its proximity to the Arctic Circle and the harsh environmental conditions make it a valuable asset for conducting training exercises and operations in extreme cold weather conditions. This capability is essential for maintaining a strong military presence in the Arctic, which is becoming increasingly important as the region’s geopolitical significance grows.

Furthermore, Allen AAF plays a crucial role in supporting missile defense operations. The airfield is equipped with facilities and infrastructure that enable it to provide critical support for missile defense systems, contributing to the overall defense posture of the United States.


Allen AAF has a storied history and holds immense significance in terms of military operations and national defense. Its strategic location, coupled with its capabilities for supporting operations in extreme cold weather conditions and missile defense, underscores its importance in the broader military landscape. As geopolitical dynamics continue to evolve, the role of Allen AAF in shaping the military posture in the Arctic region and beyond is likely to become even more pronounced in the years to come.


What is the current role of Allen AAF?

Allen AAF continues to serve as a strategic military airfield, providing logistical support for operations in the Arctic region and contributing to missile defense efforts.

How has the airfield evolved since its construction during World War II?

Since its initial construction, Allen AAF has undergone several upgrades and expansions to enhance its capabilities and support a wider range of military operations and training exercises.

Why is the location of Allen AAF in Alaska considered strategically important?

Alaska’s strategic location near the Arctic region and its role in national defense make Allen AAF a critical asset for the US military’s operations and presence in the area.

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