Exploring Southwest’s Key Connecting Markets and Top Transit Airports

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Denver had the most Southwest connecting passengers in the year to October 2023, followed by Chicago Midway and Las Vegas. More than 900 origins and destinations each had 10,000+ people who changed flights, with Long Beach to/from Seattle being the number one market for transit traffic. Southwest is not a hub-and-spoke airline but relies on connecting passengers for filling aircraft and generating revenue. Over 60 million passengers transferred between Southwest’s services in the 12 months to October 2023, with Denver, Chicago Midway, and Las Vegas being the leading airports. Long Beach to/from Seattle had the highest number of connecting passengers, and the market is in need of non-stop service.

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“Denver, Chicago Midway, and Las Vegas – Southwest Airlines’ Top Cities for Connecting Passengers”

Southwest Airlines, with over 800 Boeing 737s, leads the industry with the most connecting passengers. The carrier is beloved for its point-to-point flights, and still relies on connecting passengers, a cost-effective means to fill aircraft, generate revenue, and stay competitive.

Southwest connects passengers all over the country and boasts more than 60 million transferred passengers a year. That’s more than 164,000 people changing flights on a daily basis – quite a remarkable feat.

Denver tops the list of Southwest’s connecting passengers, followed closely by Chicago Midway and Las Vegas. Phoenix, Houston Hobby, and Seattle are also popular destinations for these connections.

Southwest’s “point-to-point” flights are a strategic approach that allows them to serve more destinations without funneling all of its passengers through a centralized hub. This allows for quicker and more direct flights, contributing to their high customer satisfaction rates and strong passenger loyalty.

Fun fact: Southwest Airlines does not assign seats. Rather, they use an open seating policy which has contributed to creating a unique and fun boarding experience enjoyed by many of its passengers.

[Photo: Denver International Airport]

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