Expansion Plans for Poland’s Katowice Airport: New Aircraft Maintenance Hangar and More

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A new 9,200 sqm aircraft maintenance hangar is planned for construction at Poland’s Katowice Airport as part of a larger 2024-2028 investment program. The hangar, ‘H4’, will be located between existing hangars and include two bays for servicing aircraft the size of an Airbus A321neo. Other expansion plans at the airport include a second cargo terminal, central passenger terminal, new transfer center, road system, car parks, goods and fuel delivery hub, and facilities for transportation and operations departments. The cost of the hangar has not been released, but the total cost of all intended works is estimated at PLN 1.5 billion, to be financed through various means. The goal of the expansion is to strengthen the airport’s activities and accommodate growing traffic, maintenance, and cargo needs, ultimately creating approximately 8,000 jobs by 2030.

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Introducing the Future of Aircraft Maintenance

Prepare for takeoff, as a new 9,200 sqm aircraft maintenance hangar is set to grace the skies at Poland’s Katowice Airport. This exceptional addition is just one part of the airport’s ambitious investment program slated for 2024-2028. The expansion will also see the rise of a second cargo terminal and a central passenger terminal, ensuring the airport is primed for future growth.

Aptly named the ‘H4’ hangar, this cutting-edge structure will stand proudly between the existing H3 hangar and the airport’s bustling air traffic control tower. Resembling its counterpart, the H4 hangar will be identical in look and size, with the capacity to service aircraft the size of an Airbus A321neo.

But that’s not all – this grand vision also includes a state-of-the-art transfer center, a revamped road system, and the expansion of outside and multi-storey car parks. Additionally, a multi-modal goods and fuel delivery hub, complete with a railway siding connection, will emerge, alongside a new airport rescue and firefighting building. To top it off, new facilities for the airport’s critical departments will solidify its position as a hub of industry excellence.

While the cost of constructing the new hangar remains under wraps, the estimated total cost of all planned works rings in at a staggering PLN 1.5 billion. Fear not, as the indomitable Upper Silesian Aviation Group (GTL SA) is dedicated to funding the entire enterprise through a combination of internal resources, commercial credit, a capital increase, and a generous European Union grant.

Artur Tomasik, President of the GTL SA board, shared, “We have prepared a comprehensive program for the expansion of Katowice Airport’s infrastructure, placing strong emphasis on diverse and robust infrastructure offerings. Our goal is to fortify the airport across all activities, from passenger traffic to aircraft maintenance and air cargo.”

To the sky and beyond! The realization of these lofty projects will not only meet the growing demands of passenger traffic and logistical needs but also generate myriad employment opportunities. By 2030, an estimated 8,000 individuals will find gainful employment within the airport’s thriving ecosystem.

With this promising investment, the future of Katowice Airport seems destined for the stars.

Fun Fact: The Airbus A321neo, which the new hangar will service, is a popular narrow-body aircraft designed for medium to long-haul flights and is known for its fuel efficiency and extended range.

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