Ely Airport: A Gateway to the Great Outdoors

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Ely Airport: A Gateway to the Great Outdoors

Located in the heart of the scenic Ely, Nevada, Ely Airport serves as a gateway to the great outdoors. Surrounded by majestic mountains, pristine lakes, and abundant wildlife, Ely Airport offers easy access to some of the most breathtaking natural landscapes in the United States. Whether you’re a seasoned outdoor enthusiast or a novice adventurer, Ely Airport provides a convenient starting point for exploring the beauty and serenity of the Great Basin region.

Facilities and Services

Ely Airport features a range of facilities and services to accommodate travelers and aviation enthusiasts. The airport is equipped with a modern terminal building, a well-maintained runway, and ample parking for private and commercial aircraft. Additionally, the airport offers fuel services, aircraft maintenance, and flight training for those interested in learning to fly. Whether you’re arriving by air or looking to take off on your own aviation adventure, Ely Airport has you covered.

Access to Outdoor Recreation

One of the main attractions of Ely Airport is its proximity to a wide variety of outdoor recreational opportunities. From hiking and camping in Great Basin National Park to fishing and boating on the nearby Cave Lake, the surrounding area offers something for everyone. Ely Airport provides easy access to these natural wonders, allowing visitors to quickly and conveniently begin their outdoor adventures upon arrival.

Scenic Flights and Air Tours

For those seeking a bird’s-eye view of the stunning landscapes surrounding Ely Airport, scenic flights and air tours are available. Experience the breathtaking beauty of the region from the air, taking in panoramic vistas of mountains, valleys, and lakes. Whether you’re interested in a leisurely sightseeing tour or an exhilarating aerial adventure, Ely Airport can connect you with experienced pilots and aircraft for an unforgettable flying experience.


Ely Airport is more than just a transportation hub – it’s a gateway to the great outdoors. With its convenient facilities, access to outdoor recreation, and scenic flight options, the airport serves as a launching point for unforgettable adventures in the Great Basin region. Whether you’re arriving at Ely Airport for an outdoor getaway or looking to embark on a thrilling aviation experience, you’ll find everything you need to make the most of your time in this breathtaking corner of Nevada.


Q: What are the closest outdoor attractions to Ely Airport?

A: Great Basin National Park, Cave Lake State Park, and the Nevada Northern Railway Museum are all within a short drive of Ely Airport.

Q: Can I book a scenic flight or air tour at Ely Airport?

A: Yes, Ely Airport offers scenic flights and air tours, allowing visitors to experience the beauty of the region from a unique perspective. Contact the airport or local aviation companies for more information.

Q: Is camping available near Ely Airport?

A: Yes, there are several campgrounds and recreational areas in the vicinity of Ely Airport, providing opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts to spend the night under the stars.

Q: Are there dining and lodging options near Ely Airport?

A: Ely Airport is located within close proximity to the city of Ely, where visitors can find a variety of dining and lodging options to suit their needs.

Q: Can I rent a car at Ely Airport?

A: Yes, several car rental companies operate at Ely Airport, offering convenient transportation options for travelers looking to explore the surrounding area.

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