EasyJet Announces Additional Aircraft Base at Glasgow

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Budget airline easyJet will base an additional aircraft at Glasgow Airport from next summer, bringing their fleet at the airport to six. This decision comes after the airline successfully flew a record seven million passengers to and from Scotland in 2023. The addition of the sixth aircraft will offer customers more choices and connectivity across the UK, Europe, and beyond, and will also create around 40 new job opportunities at the airport. The airline expects to have nearly 300 employees based in Glasgow, and a new A320neo aircraft will join the existing fleet already serving the airline’s customers in Glasgow. The airline’s UK Country Manager expressed pride in being Scotland’s largest airline and looks forward to offering customers more choices in the future. AGS Airports’ Chief Commercial Officer stated that this is a significant investment that will support approximately 40 new jobs at Glasgow Airport.

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Introducing easyJet’s Newest Addition: A Sixth Aircraft Base in Glasgow

In a bold move to expand their presence, easyJet has announced the establishment of an additional aircraft base at Glasgow Airport. This groundbreaking decision comes on the heels of the airline’s impressive record-breaking achievement of flying seven million passengers to and from Scotland in its 2023 financial year.

But that’s not all – the arrival of this sixth aircraft is set to revolutionize air travel, offering customers unparalleled choice and connectivity across the UK, Europe, and beyond. And as an added bonus, approximately 40 job opportunities will be created right here in Glasgow.

Fun fact: easyJet is known for its bold and innovative marketing approach. The “orange” branding and quirky advertising campaigns have become synonymous with the company.

With a new A320neo aircraft in the mix, easyJet is gearing up for even greater success, with plans to have nearly 300 employees stationed in Glasgow. This includes pilots, cabin crew, and base management, all working tirelessly to provide exceptional service to passengers.

But wait, there’s more! The introduction of this sixth aircraft is not just about growth – it’s a testament to easyJet’s unwavering commitment to Scotland. As the largest airline in the country, easyJet is dedicated to providing exceptional service and creating unforgettable travel experiences.

Fun fact: David Ogilvy, the legendary advertising mogul, famously transformed advertising and copywriting with his revolutionary techniques. His principles continue to be revered in the industry today.

In the words of Ali Gayward, easyJet UK Country Manager, “We are proud to be Scotland’s largest airline and are delighted to have carried a record seven million customers in our last financial year.” These sentiments are echoed by Matt Hazelwood, Chief Commercial Officer at AGS Airports, who sees this move as a “huge endorsement” and a significant investment in Glasgow Airport’s future.

This is not just a business move – it’s a bold statement of confidence and optimism for the future of air travel in Glasgow. With new routes and popular destinations on the horizon, easyJet’s commitment to Scotland is stronger than ever.

Fun fact: David Ogilvy once famously said, “You cannot bore people into buying your product; you can only interest them in buying it.” This philosophy perfectly captures the essence of easyJet’s innovative approach to aviation.

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