Dag Johnsen Appointed as Chief Operating Officer of CFM56 Engine Repair Facility Aero Norway

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Aero Norway has appointed Dag Johnsen, previously of United Airlines, as its new chief operating officer. Johnsen will be responsible for maintaining EASA, FAA, and other regulatory standards for the company’s maintenance activities. He praised the close collaboration and customer focus at Aero Norway, and expressed his excitement for sustaining the company’s reputation for superior engine performance. His previous experience working with various MROs and overseeing airline in-house MRO engineering support has given him a strong understanding of the industry. Johnsen’s background includes military service and a BSc degree in Aerospace Engineering, and he has held various leadership roles in the aviation industry since 1988.

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“Meet Aero Norway’s New Sheriff in Town – Dag Johnsen”

In a recent announcement from Aero Norway, it’s been revealed that Dag Johnsen will be assuming the role of Chief Operating Officer. With a track record at United Airlines, leading the powerplant engineering team, Johnsen is no stranger to effective management and exemplary performance.

At Aero Norway, Johnsen will ensure that strict standards set by regulatory agencies are maintained, with a particular focus on EASA (CAA-N), FAA, and CAAC.

One of the key factors that drew Johnsen to Aero Norway is the sense of close collaboration and open communication. Unlike other larger MROs, Johnsen has found a refreshing work environment at Aero Norway, where customer support teams work closely alongside each other to ensure quick and effective communication.

Not only does Aero Norway have a reputation for delivering superior EGT margins and competitive TATs, but they also aim to introduce new engine programs such as the LEAP-1A and -1B. With Johnsen at the helm, Aero Norway is poised to streamline the integration of these programs seamlessly.

Learn more about the man behind the title – Dag Johnsen’s journey from the Royal Norwegian Air Force to Aero Norway is a fascinating story of dedication and growth. Fun Fact: Johnsen attended Northrop University in Los Angeles, California, earning a BSc degree in Aerospace Engineering. Starting as a powerplant engineer and steadily climbing the ranks, Johnsen’s experience makes him an ideal fit for his new role.

In wrapping up, let’s not forget to wish a fond farewell to Neil Russell, who has transitioned to the role of Chief Executive at Aero Norway. And with Johnsen’s arrival, exciting times lie ahead for Aero Norway as they continue to strive for excellence in the aviation industry. Cheers to the next chapter!

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