Comparison of NetJets and Wheels Up: Pros and Cons of Private Jet Companies

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This video compares two well-known private aviation providers, NetJets and Wheels Up. NetJets, established in 1964, offers fractional ownership and private jet charters with a large fleet and excellent safety record, but high costs and limited availability are potential drawbacks. On the other hand, Wheels Up, founded in 2013, offers on-demand charters and a membership program with more affordable pricing options and a large network of partner operators. However, the limited availability of their own fleet and potential safety concerns with partner operators are things to consider. Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on individual travel needs and budget.

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12 thoughts on “Comparison of NetJets and Wheels Up: Pros and Cons of Private Jet Companies”

  1. I had one experience with Wheels Up, it was great.
    My wife and I flew our own plane to KBTL to eat at the Waco Kitchen, very good food. On our way home I opted to get gas. The gas pumps are located next to the Wheels Up hangar. It was cold, the wind was very fresh. It hit me, I had to pee. I heard guys working in the hangar and knocked asking to mark my territory in a polite way. They looked at me, saw my plane and let me in. On my way out they noticed my jacket, Executive Jet. Guy asked if it was an old jacket I had on. I said yep, I started at The Jet in 1998 and my wife in 1996, I am just cheap and don’t have a NetJets jacket, my old Executive Jet coat still works great for flying. He laughed at me and wished me a safe flight home to Columbus.
    I did not know it was the competition when I knocked.

  2. I worked line service for 15 years from the ramp side you cant pick either side who is the best because their pilots and crew were always a amazing to work with and very respectful to line service. I miss my days working at the airport id still be doing it today if it wasn't for my back. When you're in this business its the clients who keep us employed and if you ever worked for the upper class elites you know how demanding they are and if you dont have solid employees you dont have clients and customers. I recommend both companies the most important part of charter flights is finding a good FBO.

  3. One error in this report. Net Jets includes a generous catering allowance, WheelsUp does not. I have enjoyed excellent seafood and French Champagne on NetJets, at no extra charge. Also, WheelsUp left us high and dry once (so we missed my Niece's graduation), and also put us in a 1970 jet on another trip that was falling apart, dirty and poorly stocked. If you can afford it, NetJets is vastly superior in my experience.

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