Business Class Flight: American Airlines’ Boeing 777-300ER, Los Angeles to London

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34 thoughts on “Business Class Flight: American Airlines’ Boeing 777-300ER, Los Angeles to London”

  1. Am Air business class long haul is sooo underrated...their 1-2-1 config in business class is the best. Feel like the whole plane does not exist, in my own little pod. Quiet, large seat, good service and good food. Only fly business around the world and this business class is my no. 1
    vote so far...and the $$$ is very competitive.

  2. The Flagship Lounge is very basic. Neither warm or inviting. Pretty much sums up American Airlines in general. The business class seats pale alongside those of British Airways. The brown decor and fabrics are depressing. Again, the menu could not hold a candle to BA. I will give AA a pass.

  3. This business class configuration is the same as Finnair's business class on their A350. I'm not a fan of those seats that are turned at a certain degree, the backward seats on certain business class or anything (like those tables) blocking access to the window, might as well sit in the middle row.

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