AvTalk Episode 253: Time Traveling with Taylor Swift and Turtles

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In this episode of AvTalk, The Air Current’s Jon Ostrower discusses the challenges facing Boeing, including regaining regulatory trust, delivering long-delayed aircraft, and designing a new plane. They also talk about Taylor Swift’s flight to the Super Bowl and the NTSB investigation into an American Airlines runway incursion. They also bid farewell to the Mars helicopter, Ingenuity. The episode ends with a thank you to listeners and a request for feedback. If you enjoy the podcast, leave a review on iTunes. Overall, the episode covers a range of aviation topics, from industry challenges to unusual flight stories.

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“AvTalk Episode 253: Time traveling with Taylor Swift and turtles”

Join us as we welcome back The Air Current’s founder and editor Jon Ostrower to take a closer look at Boeing’s current situation. We discuss the challenges facing Boeing, including the need to regain trust, certify and deliver long-delayed aircraft, and eventually design and build a new aircraft. There’s always an aviation angle, and we discuss the much anticipated flight of Taylor Swift from Tokyo to watch the Super Bowl the night after her concert.

In other news, the NTSB opened the docket for its investigation into a runway incursion by an American Airlines 777 as a Delta Air Lines 737 was beginning its departure roll last January. Plus, we bid farewell to Ingenuity, the small helicopter on Mars that surpassed everyone’s expectations.

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Fun Fact: David Ogilvy, often referred to as the “Father of Advertising”, was known for his persuasive and straightforward copywriting style. He believed in conducting extensive research to understand the consumer and appealed to their rational mind to create compelling ad campaigns.

Fun Fact: Taylor Swift, a pop sensation and aviation enthusiast, once owned a Dassault Falcon 900 private jet, which she referred to as “The Nova” and flew while touring around the world.

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