AvTalk Episode 252: Let’s Inspect More 737s

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This week’s episode of AvTalk covers expanded airplane inspections for the Boeing 737-900ER, with Alaska, Delta, and United affected. United Airlines expresses frustration with Boeing over the 737-9 MAX grounding. Spirit and JetBlue appeal a merger ruling, Southern Airways Express makes an emergency landing after takeoff, and an Atlas Air 747 experiences engine issues in Miami. Cargojet cancels an order for 777 freighters due to market conditions, and Storm Isha causes flight diversions. The episode concludes with a thank you to listeners and a request for feedback and reviews.

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“AvTalk Episode 252: Let’s Inspect More 737s”

In this week’s episode of AvTalk, we bring you a unique start to the show. Then, we dive into the latest news on Boeing 737 inspections, airline frustrations, and an expertly executed emergency landing.

Fun fact: Did you know that United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby described the grounding of the 737-9 MAX as the “straw that broke the camel’s back”?

In addition, Spirit and JetBlue are appealing a judge’s ruling against their proposed merger due to contractual obligations, not a desire to fight.

Furthermore, a Southern Airways Express Cessna 208 made an emergency landing just after takeoff from Dulles Airport, demonstrating exemplary piloting skills. Meanwhile, an Atlas Air 747-8F experienced an engine failure shortly after departing from Miami, creating a spectacle with flames trailing from the engine.

On top of that, Cargojet recently ordered large 777 freighters but has decided they are not needed due to a softening market.

Furthermore, Storm Isha caused major disruptions for thousands of passengers on more than 100 flights, with some diversions being particularly troublesome.

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Fun fact: Cargojet’s decision to not accept the large 777 freighters they ordered is a significant move in the aviation industry and highlights the impact of market conditions on decision-making.

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