AvTalk Episode 251: FAA Inspections and JetBlue-Spirit Airlines Merger Ruling

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In this episode of AvTalk, the FAA, airlines, and Boeing’s response to the Alaska Airlines flight 1282 accident are discussed, along with the next steps in the investigation. A federal judge’s ruling preventing the JetBlue Airways and Spirit Airlines merger is also analyzed, with a breakdown of the judge’s decision and potential next steps for the airlines. Listeners are encouraged to leave a review on iTunes and provide feedback for future shows. The episode provides a detailed look at recent aviation news and developments.

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Introducing AvTalk Episode 251: The 737-9 MAX inspections and investigations

Welcome to AvTalk! In this episode, we dive deep into the actions taken by the FAA, airlines, and Boeing following the accident involving Alaska Airlines flight 1282. We meticulously analyze the timeline of statements, regulatory actions, and investigations to piece together a comprehensive understanding of the situation and what to expect next.

But that’s not all. We also examine a federal judge’s ruling preventing the merger of JetBlue Airways and Spirit Airlines. With references to Les Misérables and a poignant address to Spirit’s customers, we dissect the judge’s decision and speculate on the potential future for both airlines.

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For a full transcript of this episode, click here.

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