AvTalk Episode 238: The greatest reinvention of an airline in the history of aviation

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Flightradar24 has partnered with Infinite Flight to enhance its 3D view feature. In an interview with AvTalk, Jason Rosewell from Infinite Flight discusses the origins of the mobile flight sim company and its future plans. Meanwhile, a Titan Airways A321 experienced a bizarre accident where windows went missing and the horizontal stabilizer was damaged. Boeing has given Spirit Aerosystems $100 million in cash to address poor quality work, and European Union competition regulators have expressed concern over the ease and speed of airline mergers. Air India Express has unveiled a brand refresh on its first 737 MAX, and EHang has become the first eVTOL certified worldwide.

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On this week’s AvTalk, Jason Rosewell from Infinite Flight joins us to discuss the new partnership between Flightradar24 and Infinite Flight that makes our new 3D view so amazing. We also learn more about how Infinite Flight got started and what’s next for the mobile flight sim company. Plus, a bizarre accident involving a Titan Airways A321 and an airline rebrands by channeling ee Cummings.

Titan A321 windows go missing

A bizarre accident occurred where the crew noticed a few windows missing after takeoff. A post-flight inspection found damage to the horizontal stabilizer as well.

Commentary: The incident involving missing windows on the Titan Airways A321 raises concerns about the safety of the aircraft during flight. The findings of damage to the horizontal stabilizer further highlight the importance of thorough post-flight inspections.

Fun Fact: The horizontal stabilizer of an aircraft plays a crucial role in maintaining stability and controlling pitch during flight.

Boeing dumps cash into Spirit Aerosystems

Boeing is providing Spirit Aerosystems with $100 million in cash and reconfiguring its payment structure for 737 and 787 components. This move aims to address issues of poor quality work from the supplier.

Commentary: The financial assistance given by Boeing to Spirit Aerosystems indicates the seriousness of the quality concerns surrounding the components supplied by Spirit Aerosystems. By reconfiguring payment structures, Boeing hopes to incentivize improved workmanship.

Fun Fact: Boeing’s 737 and 787 aircraft are among the most widely used and recognized commercial airplanes in the world.

United CEO sees structural adjustment in the industry coming

During the announcement of United’s Q3 earnings, CEO Scott Kirby discussed his perspective on the industry’s future. United had a successful third quarter and is implementing changes to its boarding procedures. Additionally, the airline recently received its first A321neo aircraft.

Commentary: United’s CEO acknowledges the need for structural adjustments within the aviation industry, implying that changes or realignments may be necessary for future success. The positive performance of United in the third quarter and their adoption of improved boarding procedures demonstrate their commitment to enhancing the passenger experience.

Fun Fact: The Airbus A321neo is a fuel-efficient and eco-friendly narrow-body aircraft that offers increased passenger capacity compared to its predecessor, the A321.

EU realizes airline mergers may have been too easy

European Union competition regulators have expressed concerns regarding the relatively smooth and rapid pace of airline mergers over the past decade.

Commentary: The European Union’s recognition of potential issues with the ease of airline mergers suggests a need for stricter regulations and scrutiny in ensuring fair competition within the industry.

Fun Fact: Airline mergers can have significant implications for the aviation industry, affecting competition, market share, and connectivity.

Jason Roswell from Infinite Flight

Flightradar24’s new 3D view now features models and liveries from Infinite Flight. In an interview with Jason Rosewell, we delve into the origins of Infinite Flight, examine the app’s dedicated community, and explore the company’s future plans.

Commentary: The partnership between Flightradar24 and Infinite Flight showcases the collaboration between innovative companies to enhance the flight simulation experience. Jason Rosewell’s insights provide valuable information on the development of Infinite Flight and its close-knit community.

Fun Fact: Infinite Flight is a popular mobile flight simulator app that offers a realistic and immersive flying experience for aviation enthusiasts.


EHang has become the first company to receive global certification for its electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. However, there are questions regarding the boarding and disembarking process for passengers.

Commentary: EHang’s achievement of being the first certified eVTOL company highlights the advancements in electric aviation technology. However, concerns regarding passenger accessibility and convenience require further examination and consideration.

Fun Fact: eVTOL aircraft are designed to revolutionize urban transportation by offering vertical takeoff and landing capabilities, potentially reducing congestion and providing a greener mode of travel.

Air India Express rebrands

Air India Express unveiled its refreshed brand on its first Boeing 737 MAX aircraft.

Commentary: The brand refresh of Air India Express indicates the airline’s commitment to a modern and updated image. The launch of the new brand on the Boeing 737 MAX symbolizes the airline’s confidence in the aircraft’s safety and reliability.

Fun Fact: The Boeing 737 MAX is the latest variant of the popular 737 series, incorporating advanced technology and fuel efficiency improvements.

Avianca is now avianca

According to Avianca’s CEO, the airline’s recent rebranding represents the “greatest reinvention of an airline in the history of aviation.”

Commentary: Avianca’s bold claim of reinvention suggests a significant transformation within the airline. It will be interesting to observe how this rebranding enhances Avianca’s positioning and competitiveness in the aviation industry.

Fun Fact: Avianca is one of the oldest airlines in the world, with a rich history dating back to 1919.

JAL adds extra flight for weighty sumo wrestlers

Due to concerns about weight and balance on one of its Boeing 737 aircraft, JAL decided to add an additional flight to accommodate a group of sumo wrestlers whose collective weight exceeded the norm.

Commentary: JAL’s decision to add an extra flight to handle the weight of the sumo wrestlers demonstrates the airline’s commitment to safety and adherence to weight limits. It also showcases their willingness to adapt to unique circumstances for the comfort and well-being of their passengers.

Fun Fact: Sumo wrestling is a traditional Japanese sport that has deep cultural significance and attracts a dedicated fan base.

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