Aviation Discussion: Exploring the $9.45M Embraer Phenom 300E and First Officer Role

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The video showcases the features and specifications of the @EEJMarketing Phenom 300E private jet. It highlights the impressive cabin, which boasts a best-in-class altitude, low noise, and extreme comfort. The aircraft is equipped with two engines, appealing to passengers who prefer not to fly in a single-engine aircraft for uncompromised range and payload performance. The Phenom 300E also features a fully enclosed lavatory with two full-size windows, certified for takeoff and landing. The video includes an interview with Jyri, one of the First Officers, and reviews the cockpit and cabin of the jet.

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$9.45M Embraer Phenom 300E & First Officer Aviation Talk

In a recent aviation talk video, the first officer of the $9.45 million Embraer Phenom 300E aircraft takes viewers on a tour of the stunning aircraft and shares insights about his aviation career. The interview provides a fascinating glimpse into the world of aviation and highlights the incredible features of this high-performance jet.

The first officer, Jyri, begins by discussing his aviation journey, which began in 2004 with glider flying in Finland. He then transitioned to flying ultralights and spent a few years in the Air Force before becoming an air traffic controller. Eventually, he made the decision to pursue his passion for flying, leading him to his current position as a first officer.

One of Jyri’s aviation highlights was an Atlantic crossing he made in September 2021 when he picked up the Phenom 300E from the factory in Florida and flew it back to Zurich. This experience allowed him to fly a brand new aircraft and complete a journey that not many aviators get the opportunity to do.

When asked about his aviation bucket list, Jyri mentions that he aspires to obtain an Aerobatic Rating in the near future, further expanding his skills and enjoying aviation in his free time.

Moving on to the aircraft itself, Jyri provides some insights into its specifications and performance. The Phenom 300E, built in August 2021, boasts exceptional performance, making it easy to operate from mountainous airports and short runways. However, Jyri notes the importance of being quick and decisive when operating in congested airspaces, highlighting the need for expertise and skill.

The video then takes viewers inside the cockpit, showcasing the advanced features and comfort of the Phenom 300E. The Garmin 3000 flight deck offers touchscreen controllers that allow the pilot to control everything from frequencies to lighting and music in the cabin. The seats are ergonomically designed for comfort, with the ability to swivel and even lay flat, creating a luxurious and relaxing environment for passengers.

In-flight entertainment is also a notable feature of the Phenom 300E, with screens on the roof that can be controlled via touch. Passengers can enjoy music, adjust cabin temperature and lighting, and even connect their own devices via Bluetooth. The aircraft also includes a fully equipped toilet with running water, providing convenience and comfort during longer flights.

Overall, the Embraer Phenom 300E and the insights shared by Jyri, the first officer, offer an exciting and informative look into the world of aviation. From impressive performance capabilities to luxurious interiors, this aircraft is sure to impress aviation enthusiasts and passengers alike.

Fun facts:
1. The Phenom 300E can operate from mountainous airports and short runways, making it a versatile and powerful aircraft.
2. The first officer, Jyri, completed an Atlantic crossing in the Phenom 300E, a memorable and rare experience for any aviator.
3. The aircraft’s advanced Garmin 3000 flight deck offers touchscreen controllers for easy and intuitive operation, adding to the overall convenience and comfort of the aircraft.

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  1. Yuri the second officer gave accurate and interesting infotmation.The interviewer was also on top of his tast asking the nesesary questionts.It vent down fast and gave the feeling that we received interestig pieces of info. Personaly, I am pleased and waitig your next video to appeare

  2. imho the cutting has become a bit too frequent. I think it's okay if there are some gaps, now it feels very choppy and unnatural. Also sometimes randomly a different mic got used for different parts of a sentence πŸ˜• Otherwise, great content as always!

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