An Airborne Eye-Opener

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The author reflects on a flight on New Year’s Day and the new personal rules he had to enact after encountering unexpected situations. The first lesson involved finding a mouse in the airplane, leading to a new rule of not leaving energy bars in the plane. The second lesson occurred on the ground when the plane started sliding towards a ditch, leading to a rule of not taking a short taxi route in snowy or icy conditions. The third lesson came during landing, leading to a rule of not doing pattern work in snowy runways with a crosswind over 5 knots. Despite these challenges, the flight ended without any property damage.

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“New Year’s Resolution”

Raise your child right – In my household, proper behavior was expected, and chaos was met with swift action. In the same way, I recently learned several lessons on the first flight of the year and had to quickly institute some new self-imposed rules that I never saw coming.

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First, I discovered unwanted stowaway – a field mouse! – in my airplane. After a few ministrations, I showed it the way out. Lesson learned: don’t leave energy bars in the airplane.

Make sure you know the terrain you’re covering – Next, I almost skidded into a ditch but saved myself just in time thanks to some quick thinking and strategy. Hence, new rule: no taking the short taxi route with snow or ice on the ground.

Unforeseen challenges can be hazardous – With a challenging icy runway and crosswind, I ended my self-taught lesson rather than pursue unnecessary risk—new rule: no pattern work on snowy runways with a crosswind in excess of 5 knots.

In my field, the smallest accomplishment can lead to a big win. After all, aside from a couple of energy bars and shredded paper towels, I came out unscathed after one of the most educational flights of my life.

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So, in my world, this “new year of flying” is now off to a fantastic start!

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