Akasa Air Orders 300 CFM LEAP-1B Engines for 150 Boeing 737 MAX Aircraft

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Akasa Air has ordered 300 CFM LEAP-1B engines for 150 newly purchased Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. The deal also includes spare engines and a services contract. Akasa Air’s CEO, Vinay Dube, stated that the agreement demonstrates the airline’s focus on operational reliability and safety. The order includes both 737 MAX 10s and 737 MAX 8-200, with all deliveries expected to be completed before 2032. Akasa Air, a Mumbai-based operator, launched operations in August 2022 and had previously ordered 76 LEAP-1B-powered 737-8 aircraft. CFM International also expects the order to grow its footprint in India, with more than 400 CFM-powered aircraft in service.

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Introducing the latest breakthrough in the world of aviation, as Akasa Air has secured a monumental deal for 300 CFM LEAP-1B engines to power their newly acquired fleet of 150 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. This game-changing partnership, announced at the prestigious Wings India 2024 event, not only includes the engines but also encompasses a comprehensive services contract.

Vinay Dube, the visionary founder and CEO of Akasa Air, expressed his unwavering confidence in this groundbreaking collaboration, stating, “This significant, long-term agreement is testament to the confidence that CFM International has in Akasa Air. Partnering with CFM as our engine maintenance provider reaffirms our unwavering focus on operational reliability and underscores our relentless pursuit of world-class safety.” This bold move solidifies Akasa Air’s commitment to reaching the summit as one of the top 30 leading airlines in the world by the end of this decade.

The order includes a mix of 737 MAX 10s and 737 MAX 8-200, with all deliveries set to be completed before 2032. Notably, the 737 MAX 8-200 is a high-density MAX 8 variant, equipped with additional emergency exits, capable of seating up to 200 passengers.

Only recently launching operations in August 2022, Akasa Air has swiftly made a mark in the industry, having already ordered and put into service a total of 76 LEAP-1B-powered 737-8 aircraft. The airline currently has an impressive 204 aircraft on order, setting the stage for dominant growth in the Indian aviation sector.

It’s no surprise that this groundbreaking deal will not only propel Akasa Air to new heights but will also expand CFM’s reach in India, further solidifying their footprints. With an exceptional track record of 15 to 20 percent better fuel efficiency and the highest reliability and daily utilization rates in its class, the LEAP-powered fleets demonstrate unparalleled prowess, setting the stage for India’s continued economic development.

This monumental deal marks a significant milestone for both Akasa Air and CFM International, with the potential to revolutionize the aviation industry in India and beyond.

Fun Fact: The Boeing 737 MAX 8-200 was designed to accommodate additional emergency exits, allowing for a maximum seating capacity of up to 200 passengers. This modification paves the way for increased efficiency and passenger convenience in the aviation sector.

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