Airstream International Group Arranges Sale of Do328-110 Aircraft to Deutsche Aircraft for Loganair’s Fleet Renewal Plan

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Airstream International Group has facilitated the sale of two Do328-110 aircraft to Deutsche Aircraft on behalf of Loganair, including spare parts. The sale is part of Loganair’s fleet renewal plan to replace older aircraft with more modern and environmentally efficient ATR42s and ATR72s. Airstream International Group, in its 35th year of trading, has completed transactions for over 660 aircraft for a diverse client base. This news comes as Loganair wins the Domestic Airline of the Year award.

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“Loganair upgrades fleet with more modern, environmentally efficient aircraft thanks to Airstream International Group.”

In a strategic move to modernize its fleet, Loganair has sold two Do328-110 aircraft, including a spare engine and parts, to Deutsche Aircraft with the help of Airstream International Group. This aligns with Loganair’s ongoing plan to replace older aircraft with larger and more environmentally efficient ATR42s and ATR72s.

Fun fact: The ATR42 and ATR72 aircraft are known for their fuel efficiency and environmentally friendly designs, making them a popular choice for airlines looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Celebrating 35 years of successful transactions, Airstream International Group has a proven track record of facilitating over 660 aircraft deals for a diverse global clientele, including airlines, government organizations, lessors, investors, and financial institutions.

Fun fact: Airstream has been a key player in the aviation industry for over three decades, making it a trusted partner for airlines and organizations seeking to upgrade their fleets.

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