Aircraft For Sale: Today’s Top Pick – 1947 Republic RC-3 Seabee

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Aircraft for Sale picks unique airplanes daily and highlights them on The top pick is a 1947 Republic RC-3 Seabee. After World War II, Republic developed the Seabee, a rugged amphibian aircraft, with plans to benefit from the expected boom in general aviation. Despite limited postwar success, over 1,000 Seabees were produced, making it a popular vintage aircraft. The featured Seabee for sale comes with upgraded avionics, low hours on the engine and propeller, and recently underwent restoration. It is priced at $224,000 and financing is available through FLYING Finance. This Seabee is recommended for pilots interested in water access or vintage aircraft.

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Introducing Today’s Top Pick: The 1947 Republic RC-3 Seabee.

When I think about the 1947 Republic RC-3 Seabee, I think about ambition – the American dream that seeped into every dive and roll of its propeller. Ambition led to intriguing origins – an idea by Percival Hopkins Spencer to create something extraordinary, which Republic recognized as an opportunity for post-war expansion.

Despite a fleeting appearance in the post-war boom, the Seabee refused to fade away quietly. More than 1,000 of these rugged, versatile amphibians emerged from the assembly line before production ceased. Today, the Seabee lives on, a testament to the principles of determination and service, and a design influence for many newer amphibian aircraft.

Now, you can have a piece of aviation history for yourself. The 1947 RC-3 Seabee sports impressive specs: 1,470 hours on the airframe, 160 hours on a Lycoming IO-540 engine, and 160 hours on the propeller, all after overhaul. Equipped with a Garmin GPS/Com, GTX 345 transponder with ADS-B, and Garmin audio panel, this aircraft is not just a piece of history – it’s a ticket to adventure.

For pilots seeking a unique flying experience or in need of water access, the 1947 Republic RC-3 Seabee offers a golden opportunity. Don’t miss your chance to land this vintage treasure, available for $224,000 on AircraftForSale.

For financing options, contact FLYING Finance at [email protected]

Fun Fact: The Seabee was actually a contender for a U.S. Coast Guard contract for their search and rescue operations, but it didn’t make the cut. However, the military orders and attention helped spur interest and early success for the aircraft model.

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